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Getting around the Insightly Help Center


Hi! Thanks for visiting our Insightly Help Center. Let us show you around. :-)

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    How do I get support.  I've paid for the upgrade but I'm not able to see My Activities page under my profile menu.

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    Hi Nathen,

    Are you using the same email address on our Support/Community page as you are on your Insightly account?

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    I sent an email request to support that I found in my receipt today and keep getting this email back!

    ## In replies all text above this line is added to the ticket ##
    Ticket #126809: Fwd: Your Insightly Inc. receipt [#2626-6177]

    Hi Nathen, 

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Please note: ticketing support is only available on paid Insightly plans, so this ticket will be automatically closed.

    If you're on a paid Insightly plan, you may have submitted this ticket using a different email address than you use to log into your Insightly account. If you could please re-submit your request using the email address you use to log into Insightly, we'd be more than happy to help you out.

    And if you're on our Free or Gratis plan, don't worry. We have a robust Help Center with instructive videos, help articles, and our helpful Insightly community, and it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Thanks, and have a great day!


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    Hi Nathen,

    Sorry about that! Go ahead and refresh your screen. Let me know if you still don't see it.

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    Thank You...Could this be why I'm having trouble with my iPhone and iPad? I purchased the upgrade to be able to synch my google calendar.  My synched events show up when I login to my account on my desktop but the events are not showing on my iPad or iPhone. 

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    I am getting an error when trying to log into insightly.... We used to use it then moved away from it.  Now we want to try it again but I get the following error.  I am the administrator not the person that is listed in the error. 


    Sorry, you do not have login permission for Insightly.

    Administrators who can add your login to Insightly are ............


    Also I apologize for submitting here but I there is absolutely not where to contact insightly by email

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    Hi Kevin,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble logging in. I show your email address/account was cancelled on December 30, 2014. Are you familiar with the administrator being listed in the message?

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    Hi Kevin - Hang tight! We're going to continue assisting you on the backend. Look out for an email from our team shortly. Thank you!

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    I have the same issue. 

    I am getting an error when trying to log into insightly.... We set it up once but never used it,  now we want to start using it but I get the following error. I am the administrator not the person that is listed in the error. 

    Sorry, you do not have login permission for Insightly.

    Administrators who can add your login to Insightly are ......

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    Hi Jonathan,

    I'm not showing you have been provided Administrative permissions. You'll need to ask your Account Owner to provide you administrative access and resend you the invitation. This can be done under System Settings > Users.


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    Contact Tasks section....Please move "Later Tasks" above Overdue or Completed Tasks.  I want to be sure my accounts are being traced without going to the bottom of the completed tasks list.

  • 0

    Any way to get a customer support rep on the phone? 

  • 0

    Hi Jake,

    Insightly doesn't provide phone support; but I would be happy to assist you here on the community. Also if you're a paying member you can contact our support team via email.

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    do you offer online support?

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    Hi there, the only thing I need is to speak to someone so I can get an issue dealt with directly rather than waiting for the community to reply. Do you mind posting a phone number or email address somewhere on your website so we can get some help please?

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    Hi Robert and Jessica,

    Insightly doesn't offer phone support. We do offer email support to our paid users. You will see the option to send in a support email on the top right if you're logged in using your upgraded account. Otherwise I'm happy to assist you here on our Community. :)

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    PROBLEM: Insightly fails to retrieve email messages. "My Received Emails" continues to be empty despite proper admin configuration of my Godaddy domain settings. I can provide screenshots in private because since this forum is PUBLIC I don't want to put my private info on blast.


    1.) I am testing this out and am on the "Free User" plan.

    2.) I have a Godaddy hosted domain.

    3.) I have set my go daddy email preferences to "copy" all emails that are sent to the email account I configured inside Insightly's "User settings" "email accounts" to my email.

    4.) I have tested my email is receiving external mail from a gmail account.

    5.) I have tested my go daddy properly copies emails to email accounts as verification that "copying" is working as designed and properly.

    Please advise,


    Thank you!


    P.S. A chat or email address rather than this free open public tech support would be great. 

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    Hi Stoneridgesocial:

    Thanks for providing these steps. It sounds like you've set up an automatic rule to save your emails to Insightly. Insightly won't accept email messages that are saved via an automatic rule. The system is not designed for this because some emails you receive you may not wish to share with other users on your account, and some emails like social networking notifications, emails from friends or spam messages may not be appropriate for storage in a shared system. Also, each saved email will count against your storage maximum which may cause the need to upgrade your Insightly subscription prematurely. 

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    I am considering starting an Insightly CRM account, however I have an issue. I am part of SVN a national firm but our structure is made up of individual agents/brokers.

    Our emails have the same platform  ****** and so Insightly is recognizing the few SVN brokers as one large group.  Is there a way for each individual to have their own Insightly CRM with Administrator control, so I can create my own tasks lists etc.

    Can someone help me!?


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    Hi Christopher,

    The best choice would be to create individual Standard (Non Google App) account for each user.

  • 0

    I did not understand what you meant. Could you please explain or send me info on what I need to do.



  • 0

    Hi Christopher, happy to help.

    Did you have a question about Nora's recommendation to create a Standard (Non Google App) account for your users? 

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    Yes I do.

    To reiterate.  I am part of commercial real estate company, SVN.  I signed up to use Insightly, however, I realized that another broker had signed up and it seems that since SVN is a national group, it recognized that the emails of mine and the other SVN broker had the same ****, so it assumed we want and need to share our information but as Independent brokers we do not share contacts, Opportunities or Projects, so I was wondering how do I set up a seperate account, Nora suggested to create individual Standard (Non Google App) account for each user.  I don't understand what that is and how do I do that.

    I am not very tech oriented, can you help?


  • 0

    Sure thing Christopher.

    Insightly's accounts are set up as a shared databases so every user can see each other's data depending on your permissions set up.

    Insightly offers 2 different types of account available, Standard (Non Google App) and Google Apps. A Google Apps account will group all users in a domain together. It sounds like you need to set this up so that each individual has their own account to manage their own Contacts, Projects etc. The best option for keeping separate accounts is the Standard (Non Google App).

    When you register you'll be asked if you want to connect to Google Apps. You'll want to decline the connection to create a non-Google Apps Insightly account.

  • 0

    OK, I guess I am currently set up in the Google Apps Account type.  How do I switch/change the account type.


    Is there any difference between the types and does it still link with GMAIL?

  • 0

    Hi Christopher:

    There isn't a way to change the type on an existing account so you will need to open a new account by registering your email address here. The steps with screenshots are available in this article Insightly for Google Apps versus a non-Google Apps account. You want to be sure that when you are asked to connect to Google Apps you select no. This will create the standard account for you :)

    The main difference between the two account types is that Google Apps accounts have use of the Gmail Gadget. However, Gmail users can now use the Insightly Sidebar that will eventually replace the Gmail Gadget.



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    I have tried to create a new account for the new Non Google App Account but can't seem to do it.  The website seems to be recognizing my email address.  


    Can you help me?

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    Hi Christopher:

    You'll need to cancel your Google Apps account first. Before you do this, I recommend exporting your data since it will be deleted once the account is cancelled. Once you have your export file you can bring it back into your new account which can save you time :)

    Once you've cancelled your email address can be registered as a Standard account.

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    how do i stop getting notifications from this thread?? 

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    Hi Jake:

    There is an "Unfollow" button at the top for you :)

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