How Do I Signup for a Gratis Account?



I'm wondering how to signup for a Gratis account, and how it is different from the paid plans like the Basic account.



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  • You can sign up for the Gratis Free account on Insightly's Pricing Page. There is an option to "sign up free" under the light blue Free plan box.

    While functionality is similar, the Free account is much more limited in space than the Basic Plan. The Free account supports up to 2 users, 2,500 records, 8 custom fields and 200 MB of storage. The Basic Plan allows for unlimited users and up to 25,000 records, 40 custom fields and 1 GB of storage.

    In addition to the space, the Free Plan does not have access to many of the integrative features Insightly has to offer. MailChimp, Quickbooks Online or Google Contact/Calendar Sync just to name a few.

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