What's the difference between a lead and an opportunity?

Are these the same?



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  • Leads are designed as a qualification workflow for sales cycles. Before actually spending time drafting proposals and crunching numbers for someone you'd like to purchase from you/do business with you, you need to first make sure that they are truly interested or "qualified". Leads are a great way to document when you talk to someone and easily see what their status is as it pertains to their level of interest. You would convert a lead to an opportunity when their level of interest is significant enough that they need additional information to actually go through with purchasing.


    Opportunities would be used to document prospects that been "qualified", through the sales cycle. You would document specific stages that you need to move the opportunity through to ensure that the deal is closed. You can also add activity sets to track specific tasks that needs to be competed in order to close the deal as well. After closing a deal you may want to convert the opportunity into a project so that you can carry out the next steps to provide the service or product for your customer. 

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