New Task from Completed Task

Once a task with/for a contact is completed, a new or follow-on task often needs to be created with that contact.

On completion of a task it would be most helpful to have an option to create a new task for that contact.



  • Great idea. Creating a followup that is due in a few weeks/days/whenever as soon as you complete 1 task would be great.

  • I'd like this as well!!!

  • I emailed them this same idea.

    "Mark Task Complete & New" - this would complete the task, but enable you to create a new one tied to the same contact, opportunity, or project as before, without having to enter in the additional info.

    Thanks for submitting!

  • Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of an automation activity set. Here is a simple example:

    Let's say there is an Activity Set with 3 tasks defined: Initial Contact, Follow Up Call, and Schedule meeting. When you attach the Activity Set to a record (like a lead), the first task (Initial Contact) is created with a due date 2 days after the Activity Set is created. Once that first task is marked COMPLETE, the second task (Follow Up Call) is AUTOMATICALLY created with a due date 1 week following the COMPLETION DATE of the first task. Same with the 3rd task (Schedule Meeting), it is created AUTOMATICALLY when task 2 is marked COMPLETE. This feature, in conjunction with proper alert notifications from the mobile app (not emails), would be very valuable for keeping on task.

    Zoho has it, even in limited form with their free version. I'd really LOVE Insightly to implement this and the changes to their mobile app!!! :-)

  • I get it - yes, very much agreed, I think what you are referring to would be extremely valuable as well.

  • I'd love to see an action called "Complete Task and Create Follow-up".

  • This is a very useful feature I used all of the time on ACT!  I would HIGHLY suggest adding this feature

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