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My Managing Director wants to use Insightly, but needs his exchange 2010 contacts to sync backwards and forwards. He uses Outlook 2013 and an iPhone. These need to all by in-sync.

Is this possible with Insightly?





  • Hi Chris,

    I'm afraid what your asking isn't possible, but I talked with a Customer Success Specialist and they suggested this workaround. Once all the contacts have been imported into Insightly, once a week (say on a Friday) export just those new contacts from Outlook 2013 to CSV and then import those into Insightly. Here's an article on Importing Data into Insightly so you can see what's involved.

    Your Director will be able to access these contacts on his iPhone by downloading the free Insightly app on iTunes. Here's how to use the mobile site. Hope this information helps!

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  • Hi Brenda,

    When syncing contacts from outlook to Insightly, will insightly copy over contacts which may already exist or will they double up.




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  • Hi jkon

    Great question. When contacts are imported, Insightly will first look at the person's first name, then last name, then email. If all three items match then that person will be considered a duplicate and will not be added as a contact. However, if the person's first name and last name match but the email does not match, a new contact will be made. For organizations, Insightly only looks at the organization's name and any new information (e.g. phone number, address) will be added to an existing record. After the sync is completed, you'll get an email from Notifications@Insightly listing every duplicate. Thanks and let me know if you need more information.


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