I use categories and filters

I've got so many overduebs and open tasks... So my only way to achieve a overlook to the things that in spite of everything I have to do now, is to use categories and filters for tasks an projects.
So I created a new categorie for the new incoming tasks, to be able to saperate the new from the old stuff.
I set this new categorie in my activity set for the first pipline stage of the projects I'm responsible for.
This categorie I am the only one who use it and I can filter and I can extract my dues and can use it for reports of my filtered projects.

Another possibility with categories you can work across teams.
For example, define a category "purchase" . Jim from the warehouse create a task "Need tape..." in his responsability and with the categorie.."purchase.
End of the week the purchaser selects - all open task and categorie "purchase" and he see who needs what, tata..





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