Build your training into your tasks

In order to create more of a turn key system for running my business, I like to include the training on how to do each task into the details of the task itself. This is especially powerful for tasks that are complicated and will need to be repeated often. Training videos are a great way to do provide training.

  1. Record yourself doing a task using free screen capture software like Jing
  2. Upload your screen capture video. Youtube and Google Drive are great places to store your video data.
  3. Copy the link of your stored video
  4. Paste the link for your video into the details of your tasks. 




  • Thanks, Erin!

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  • Hi Erin,

    Congratulations! Your tip was voted by our Customer Success team as one of the winners of our Insightly gift pack giveaway (we've been using Jing lately too). Look for an email from me on where to send your prize. Thanks!

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