Importing Org Notes from Old Mail Domain to New Mail Domain - Wrong User ID applied

When importing Org Notes from our old domain to new domain, the date and time stamps are correct, however for the user id, my id has overlaid all entries

For example, we have twelve monthly org notes entries for calendar year 2014

Prior to moving the org notes from the old mail domain to new mail domain, all of the original notes authors are identified with the correct date and time stamp

Now that I have imported these org notes to the new mail domain, all of the org notes entries contain my id only(all original user id's have been overlaid)

If the system can carry/copy across the correct date and time stamps of the org/note entries, why can't it do the same for the original author's ids. Thank you

This overlay of original user ids with my id, is causing a lot of heartburn for my customers as they now have no way of referencing any of their prior work's activities, since their ids have been overlaid. Thank you





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