importated outlook task and connecting it to a contact

i have imported my task and contacts from outlook no problems 

but i now want to connect the task to the contact 

how do i do it 



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  • Hi Mark,

    If you included the contact's exact name in a "Linked Contact" field when you imported your CSV file, then you should be all set! The tasks will be under the Tasks subtab for that contact. This article on Importing Tasks has tips on importing and shows you the field names.

    If you didn't include the contact name and your task list is short, no worries! You can manually add the contact by following these steps:

    • Click the Tasks icon in the left hand navigation.
    • Click Edit next to the appropriate Task.
    • Enter the contacts name in the "Add New Link" field under Links. If they are a contact, their name will appear with a Contact icon once you start typing. Once the task is saved the task will appear in the Tasks subtab under their contact information.

    Hope this helps! 

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