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I can not find a way to easily email all people on a project, in an organization, or within an opportunity. The only thing I did find is that I can make a custom filter contact filter by an organization name, view the contacts for that organization, and email them. That leads me to believe that I would need many filters for any organization that I may want to mass email. Plus, everyone I need to email (like for a project) may not be connected to the same organization.

I did read the "how do I mass email" post (, but that is not feasible / manageable long term at all. That pretty much says that I should tag contacts with something specific.. like a project name, or a business name, or an opportunity name?.. and later filter contacts with only that tag. I already have a project with a contact list. Managing that list plus some random tagged contacts is double the work. Just being able to filter contacts connected to that project would make things much easier.

I know in previous posts here you have asked for examples. Well I have a project started with a specific group of businesses that I will be promoting this summer. I am going to create a project for the promotions and add the specific contacts to it. I want to email them all a "welcome" message, and other follow-ups as we go. This is one of about 6 similar projects we have this summer.

A nice way to handle mass emails from a project / contact / etc, would be that when viewing a project (for example), you can click the actions and select something like "Email all contacts", or maybe "Download CV of contact emails". I have already checked this for all the different asset types but it is not available. Another nice option would be that when on the New Email page, you can add contacts by typing the project or organization, rather then just by contact names.

Also, when I send mass emails, they are sent to each recipient, one at a time. This is perfect for mass mailing of customers. But when I am emailing everyone connected to a project, I want all the of the recipients to be visible to each other. This allows everyone on the message to reply to all, and not just met. How can this be done?




  • The records are still linked but this linkage cannot be used when filtering contacts or organisations. If I want to e-mail all contacts in an organisation that is linked to a project this is NOT possible. If I want to e-mail all contacts linked to a custom field (or in fact any field) in an organisation this is NOT possible. The ONLY thing I can do is e-mail all contacts in a particular organisation at once.

    Our requirement to email contacts linked to an organisation's custom field (or a project) is a basic requirement of a CRM and this is not possible using insightly. It is possible using other CRMs. What I don't understand is that it cannot be a complex coding exercise for your developers to do this as they simply need to allow users to filter based on fields in organisations and projects - it's just a fairly straightforward database query. If you can get this working you'll have a great product that I would recommend but until then any user who needs to email particular customers based on anything other than their organisation name should look elsewhere.

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  • This thread was started April 2015.  

    Insightly - that's 3 YEARS you have not been able to address this straightforward request from multiple users.  

    3 years...

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  • So did an answer for this ever arise? Because I'm having the exact same problem! 


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  • I am trying to find out how to email all my contacts in a project and I've come across this thread which seems to have been going since 2015 (almost 4 years) - how do I do this please surely this still isn't on the "not able to do" list!!!

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  • Agreed.  It is extremely frustrating that you cannot send mass emails AND LINK them AUTOMATICALLY to Opportunities and Projects so it shows up in the "activity" subtab, in order to followup on those Opportunities or communicate regarding the status/stage of Projects.  Currently, you can send a mass email to all or selected leads simply by clicking on the lead and then clicking the email tab (See the Lead list view).  From there you can choose an email template and send the mass email.

    This mass email feature for Leads (along with email templates or documents that reference the data record fields) needs to exist for both Opportunities and Projects.  For example, you should be able to create an Opportunity or Project list view by Pipeline Stage, Date of Last Activity, or Date Updated, and then send a mass email to those that meet the criteria.  Similarly, if you win multiple Opportunities in a particular week, you should be able to create a mass email or document like a form contract that references the data record, fills in the information and send a mass email.  That way the email/document is AUTOMATICALLY linked to the Opportunity or Project and shows up in the activity list without having to jump through the ridiculous email/linking workarounds out there.

    This update should be straight forward.



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  • Hi there,

    Does the new Insightly version come with the feature to resolve this?  Sending mass emails to different customers? Using customer objects?

    Thank you

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