Hole Warranty process over Insightly

We manage our hole warranty process over insighlty, by using projects with pipeline and activity sets to work in a efficient way across departments.

For this, we have developed a prestashop-plugin to link our online-shop with insightly.

So our customers can login in her account on the onlineshop. They chose the order and then they chose the purchased product, over which one they want to complain about. The customers add a discription of the fault and click to send this online form to us.

By sending this form, it generates automatically a new project in insightly, already categoriesed, named with customers name, complain number and order number. Our Administration has to set the right pipeline and has to change the status into "in Progress" and the rest is history.

The great benefit is that, when now Insightly is manipulated correctly, no customer with his complain can be forgotten.

Thank you Insightly for that.



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