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I find it very inconvenient that I cannot set tags for tasks in Insightly. Usually there are very many tasks in the database and the possibility to tag and then filter them would be very handy. It is a frustrating limitation that I cannot filter tasks by product/customer/priority/status in the flexible way. Such functionality would improve access to vital customer information, which is required on daily use.



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  • Tagging tasks - another vote! We are almost at the end of 2016 Insightly ... 

  • It seems like the need here is widespread across all users. Both the ability to add tags to tasks as well as a drag and drop feature when sorting (this request is in a separate post). Any projected timeline for when this will be completed, Insightly?

  • Hello,

    We absolutely need tags and custom fields for tasks.  We also need the ability to assign tasks.

  • Tags and custom fields for tasks. Mandatory !

    +1 for me !

  • Tags for Tasks,  a no brainer.  C'mon Insightly!

  • IMHO filtering tasks by organization/project/opportunity/priority/status is highest priority, followed by tagging and then custom fields.  One can of course find a task list by going to the task tab on the higher level record, but these screens have no mass editing or updating features.  

  • +1 vote here

  • We need tasks with custom fields and tags. Also more choices for prioritizing! This is my third time posting this same info over the last 3 years!!!!!


    please move this up in your priorities!

  • Please provide an update on the status of these requests to improve tasks.

    We also URGENTLY need custom fields and tags for tasks .

    Please escalate this in your upgrade priorities!


  • Small time paying customer.  Wish we could tag and sort tasks. Sub-tasks / checklists would also be nice but that is a different discussion.

  • Hi Insightly team, any updates?

  • Can an Insightly Staff member please update everyone on this request and provide an ETA for when custom fields and tags for tasks will be added? It has been planned since 2015 and is still not available.

  • Insightly, you are dead to me.   

  • New paying customer. I have LOTS of experience with Project Management tools & processes, and I find lack of Task custom fields and sorting a real hindrance.


    End of 2016 was 5 months ago...update, please

  • Wow.  Just trying out Insightly for the 14 day free trial and the forums are littered with requests that date back to 2015 and earlier for features that were *marked* planned, but never came to be.  It's clear that while they are making small updates, the active development on this program has slowed tremendously or stopped.

    When it comes to tags for tasks and being able to sort tasks by project, not having it is wildly unusual and a huge oversight.  And it's a deal breaker for me.  Too bad, too, because I absolutely love the Chrome sidebar for Gmail and the calendar/contact sync (even though it's not perfect).  

    And don't get me started on the useless dashboard/homes creen.  I believe that certain developers believe that their workflow is what everyone wants and they become hard-headed to make a change.  I hope they'll one day prove me wrong, but from what I can see the owners need to take a serious look at what people are requesting in the forums and realize that tasks need to be tagged and sorted.


  • Custom fields in tasks would make my dealings with Insightly go much smoother as well.  I vote for this.

  • Can't we at LEAST sort by priority? I mean, can't you guys see how we might care about the priority?

  • This is crazy, it is impossible to use a CRM properly without tags, custom fields and the ability to properly sort.

    We have been a subscriber – paid for years but our people are not able to properly use Insightly because of your substandard task management. We actually keep most of our tasks outside Insightly.

    Please make this a priority now.

  • What is the ETA on custom fields for tasks? 

  • Hello Christine,

    Thanks for your question!

    I would like to inform you that we actually have the main post for this feature request here. Please add your comments and vote to the main post and also don't forget to click on the little heart on the top left corner. 

    Thanks for your time and understanding! 

  • Having custom fields for tasks is a Must-Have for our projects. I'd appreciate if it can be added to Insightly.

    Also, I can see that it is "Planned". Is there any timeframe for it to be done? Thanks.

  • Second this. Please allow tasks to be tagged. Seems simple.

  • Am incredibly frustrated that Tasks are so clunky in Insightly. I create tasks in a lump - and want to be able to link to the client. I can only do that by going to each client rather than in the tasks list. CAN YOU PLEASE PROVIDE AN ETA ON WHEN YOU WILL GET YOUR TASK FUNCTIONALITY UP TO SCRATCH.

  • Please let us know when you're planning on allowing custom fields on Tasks. This would REALLY help us out. We're having to add monthly meetings and events (that call for performance measure tracking) as projects and they're really only tasks. It's clogging up our list of projects so we can't see projects at a glance. Thank you.

  • Hi, I am trying to evaluate whether I can keep Insightly as my business grows. I either need to move up a paid tier or jump to Salesforce. One of the ways Insightly doesn't work for me is that tasks don't have tags or custom fields. (The advanced reporting features have made a huge difference for the better, though.) But my business needs to know which tasks are high energy, which are low energy, which are quick, which need three hours, etc. I use categories for context, so all the QuickBooks related tasks have that category, but I look at tasks from many directions. By project, by client, by person, also by priority. With advance reports I can get nearly everything I want if you just give me a custom field or tags.

  • Actually - it's 2018 - would Insightly mind providing an update?

  • Hi - Although the update was great in term of custom fields for projects, leads, contacts, etc, I feel that having it in Tasks is also a huge necessity. Hopefully this can happen soon, as it's been almost 4 years since this specific feature has been requested.



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