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I find it very inconvenient that I cannot set tags for tasks in Insightly. Usually there are very many tasks in the database and the possibility to tag and then filter them would be very handy. It is a frustrating limitation that I cannot filter tasks by product/customer/priority/status in the flexible way. Such functionality would improve access to vital customer information, which is required on daily use.



  • I can not agree more with this one. The limiting filtering and no tagging on tasks is really disappointing. One of the first questions I asked to Insightly support (before they had this community) was why is the task filtering so basic (1), and why can't we tag (2). They responded with:


    1) Yes, the Task filtering is basic. Tasks were the first part of the Insightly program and I'm sure those will get updated eventually. In the meantime you can of course export your data and do some filtering on your own.

    2) This applies to #1 as well. Tags for tasks is a popular request and I know it's on our list of things to do.


    I do hope they add this functionality soon.

  • Hi Rafal,

    Improving Task functionality is on our radar and we'll update this post when task improvements has a spot on the roadmap.

    @Jeff - Thanks for letting everyone know Support's response!

  • Hello All, 

    thanks for putting that thought here. I totally agree that this small feature can do a lot for the productivity during our workdays. It would be great if you could add it sooner than later. 

  • Hi Dawid,

    Thanks for your feedback and your vote. It truly helps us in prioritizing features.

  • This would also solve my issue as you cannot bulk edit task due dates within a project.  So if we have 80 tasks that need to me delayed by two months within a project we have to change each one individually.  If we could tag tasks we could then tag them the project name and bulk select them from the task section.  

  • I agree - need custom fields for tasks


  • We Agree. Not only filtering but also...

    1. ...the option to re-arrange daily tasks. In this way we can order them and group them by organization.
    2. ...a reference number in front of the task name would also make it more easier to refer to a specific task.  


  • I'd like to share the answers I got from insightly support today. I'm not sure if they're really working on these tasks. They don't seem to have made much progress since May if I read through this thread. Insightly is a great tool and I like the support I get but the tasks part is totally underdeveloped and needs to be empowered in order for it to be functional. I've got only 32 tasks in one project so far and it's a mess since filtering and sorting is hardly possible. Everything needs to be done with categories and that's a pre-programmed mess.

    So here goes

    "1.) There is not a way to reorder your Tasks in Insightly at this time. These are ordered by the due dates. What you can do is use Categories to group your Tasks together, oryou can always export the Tasks and reorder them in Excel.

    2.) Filter and/or sort tasks by project (when I’m in the general task list, not in this project task list)?

    3.) There is not a way to filster tasks by project from the Tasks page, rather you would need to select a Project and look under the Tasks tab.

    4.) Tags are not available for Tasks, but again, you can use Categories instead.

    5.) Custom Fields and Custom Filters are not available for Tasks. Sorry about that!

    These are all great suggestions, so I hope that you take some time to add your comments to our Community's Product Feedback page, where other Users can add their votes.

  • I vote for tags for tasks, too.

  • Tagging tasks - another vote!  I was told by customer service this week that this was not on the roadmap so I'm a little confused.  Really need this functionality to distinguish and manage my tasks. Please please add asap and confirm if this is on the roadmap or not, and if it is when we can expect to see it rolled out?


  • Thanks for putting your input in and voting!

    While we do not have a date for this to be added, this helps us understand what users want to see so please keep your ideas coming :)

  • We absolutely agree.  Insightly tasks are almost not usable for us.  We need either tags or custom fields or preferably both.  Of course we need a way to prioritize them as well.  Toodledo does a really nice job in these areas as an example.

  • Strongly agree. Tasks is how I keep myself sorted and prioritize my next business step.

  • @Peter and @Kalli - Thank you so much for your feedback! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you feel!

  • Just another vote for being able to add custom fields to Tasks.  This would make an already great system even better.

    Not to put any undue pressure on you, but the future of my small business depends on you. Our fate rests in your hands, but no pressure. 

  • +1 for this & for custom fields on tasks.

    I'd like to be able to record an estimated time for a task (in hh:mm) and a custom field would let me do this.

  • We have a New Year and nothing's changed as far as tasks are concerned. I cannot wait any longer. Insightly is very slow at implementing new features. The competition is growing. I've started evaluation of another CRM tool :(

  • I need custom fields for tasks, especially in the category pull down menu.

  • Hi everyone:

    We will be overhauling Tasks as one of our major future intiatives towards the end of 2016. It will be then that we'll be able to see what improvements can be made.

    Please know that we are reading each comment that comes through our Community and you are being heard. 

    We'll definitely keep you updated if anything changes. Thank you!


    Disclaimer: Any unreleased Insightly features referenced here are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Please make your purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

  • So no tagging on tasks before the end of 2016 at the earliest? 

  • Hi Saul:

    We have some other features that are already in the works but we hope to start tackling this in the later part of the year.

  • +1 for me !

    "Tasks" is part of the core features of Insightly, and even the first object appearing under "Home" on the left handside.

    Adding the ability to set Tags on Tasks would be completely in the same logic, and definately usefull for many reasons.

    Hoping to see this in the near future!

  • I'm kinda surprised that custom fields can't be added to tasks as well as an HH:MM time field type after more than a year of requests and that they seem like relatively easy features to add (from a non-coder's pov). I wonder if these additions might upset integrated app vendors that offer time tracking? 

  • As a paying customer, task tagging and other project management features (task dependencies, task custom fields, milestone spreadsheet imports) need to be addressed. 

  • +1 for me! 

    The implementation of custom fields for tasks will be very useful for me and my team.

  • I need a custom Field in task and event.

    Insithly si very easy, but Is very close for profesiónal user.

  • Hello everyone!

    Yes, we do need you to improve your task managment. I suppose this will make your crm much more relaible for tasks:

    1. You need take best simple functionality from "wonderlist" - first of all a field for quick dropping priorities

    2. Quick adding task without details (as in wonderlist) - i suggest this

    3. Better filtring or tagging tasks will be very usable

    4. Ability for check-box to a couple of tasks for finising them in project tasks - as we have at list of tasks

    5. Maybe check-list in the task

  • Definitely more options to define, filter, group & display tasks are needed

  • Please add Tags to task.. +1 vote



    More than 1 year and can not have a 1 custom field in task? Wow


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