Drag and Drop Task List

I would love to ability to drag and drop the tasks on my task list into the order I want to accomplish them. It's a simple thing, but when my task list gets long (which it does) being able to move around and group like tasks would be super helpful. Who's with me? 



  • I will second this one, this would be a great enhancement and make it easier so we are not having to "fake" task dates.  

    Plus One for me too. 

  • Yes, please make this happen, it is overdue. As a matter of fact, there are many single tiny aspects that make insightly's UI clumsy, thus difficult and boring to use.  I guess you are working on a new generation UI behind the scene and maybe you say "lets postpone major usability requests to the future". Well, I stand by.

  • Hi Michael:

    We don't have this on our current roadmap at but with enough votes it can be moved to our list of popular requests :)

  • Hi Lyla - How many upvotes does it take for you to implement a feature request?

    I posted the same request last August (http://support.insight.ly/hc/en-us/community/posts/204995698-Enable-manual-sorting-of-tasks) and received 6 votes so in total this feature now has 14 votes. I have scrolled through 10 pages of customer feedback and not other request has so many votes.

    Managing tasks is critical to efficiency and effectiveness so we really need this feature.

  • Hi richard.dunne,

    The number of votes is something that we look at however it is not the only determining factor for adding features. Other considerations would be how hard or easy it would be to develop that feature, what is already in development stages or what value would be added with the addition of the feature just to name a few.

    Overhauling Tasks is one of our major future initiatives set towards the end of 2016. It will be then that we'll be able to see what improvements can be made.

    Thanks for showing your support for this!

  • Really missing to reorder tasks by drag & drop, on web and mobile!!!! Have a look at all the task apps where this is standard...

  • Hi Gerwin,

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Don't want to miss this opportunity to comment on my pet requests!

    Sorting/filtering tasks by category/opportunity/contact would be very useful.

    Also, being able to view today's appointments (events) at the top of the task list.

    And be able to have email reminders for upcoming appointments (events)

  • We have the same request for the task list and that the same can work with the Calendar, the thing is that if people needs to move a task from one day to another it takes to much time getting into the task and changing the date. Is it possible that you can do something in the calendar and in the task list that can let people drag the task from one day to another in order to make it faster?

  • Just getting to know Insightly.  Creating project with many tasks.  On second look several tasks should be re-order.  I'm sure this is going to happen frequently.  Would really like to see drag and drop added soon.

  • Drag and drop Task order would be awesome - with due date auto-updating after the re-order (if it moved to another day).

  • Yes Please

    Select multiple tasks and drag to date-picker

    Wouldn't that improve workflow!!

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