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I would like the option to create a drop down custom field that allows multiple answers.  For instance,  if a contact does work in multiple jurisdictions,  I would like to have a drop down listing the jurisdictions and we can select any number of them. 



  • Hi Damian, what was the other CRM? Have used insightly for a while now, but their priorities are obviously not in line with our business needs.

  • Hi Damian, James, Please could you advise what CRM you have switched too? We need to switch to a CRM with this feature too. Thank you

  • Damian, James and Attilla, please advise on alternative solutions for CRM.

    I have proposed multiple requests and seen ZERO of them considered in nearly two years.

    Insightly is too close to the vest with their "roadmap."  They are predictably unresponsive (at least in the form of action vs. talk) to any requests I've followed.

    This specific request for a drop-down field with multiple-answers seems to me to be a core functionality issue.  I had this in Act! by Sage in the 15 years ago!

    Insightly's customer service has not impressed.  I feel sorry for the employees who are forced to respond with their nothing answers. It must be embarrassing for them to avoid helping customers get what they want for over a year.  This is a fast-moving world where products (especially software as a service) evolve quickly and often.  If Insightly doesn't get it's stuff in order, they will lose employees as well as customers.

    How do I export my Insightly data to ready it for import into another CRM?

  • Hi Keith, I am currently trailing ProsperWorks and it does seem to be an overall better product, but yet to clarify if multiple choice drop-down is available. Support is definitely better.

    Insightly does let you export information to Excel from which you can import to other systems. Otherwise try Zapier.

  • I'd just like to add my name to the list of frustrated users. We have several requirements for a multi-response enabled field, but can't afford to keep upgrading our plan to get the additional custom fields we would require to do this with the present system. It is obviously a widespread need for users of this CRM and has been requested continuously for over a year now. Would be great to know when this might appear on a "road map' of developments, or maybe we can get some information on what decisions are based on when it comes to improvements, is it customer driven?

  • I also vote for adding this feature that has been overlooked since this thread was started.  I am in the evaluation phase of this product and it is disappointing to see a common field type is not available.

  • This would be a huge feature for us as well.     Not only do I use Insightly, I moved my sister's company on to it as well.   The need for a multi Pick list for both of our companies has now forced me to start looking at other CRMs.  Currently I am looking at Contactually as one of the options.     

    I have used and loved Salesforce in the past.  They do allow this feature.

  • Insightly, I think you need to understand that when you say things like " the extreme complexity of making multiple selection dropdowns" you are talking to a lot of people that know how to code and that answer does not fly.   This could be done on a lunch break.  These kinds of features are extremely important and are available in the most basic of CRM's across the world.  

  • Is there any update to this? It is very frustrating that I'm having to use Tags as a workaround here over a custom field for the scenario I'm doing. The down side to this is there is no real easy way to handle default value for a new opportunity and means I have to have naming standards for my tags for each "custom tag" grouping.

  • Yes, multi-select dropdowns are very important! I was just looking for this feature today and wondering why it wasn't there. Please add.

  • We are also very interested in this feature! 

  • Hi all, this is also pending since more than 2 years, I hope it's going to be planned!

  • I have seen in the custom field they have add dropdown field where people can enter option.

    • I have done a test creating a custom field for Mother Tongue language.
    • I add to enter all languages option.
    • I can see that if I want to have also another field with checkbox instead that can be all spoken languages of a contact is not possible.
    • Instead I have to create other dropdown field for how many languages I want to enter for a contact. 

    Here is a screenshot:

    It will be very important when exporting the contact in mailchimp to have the spoken language. 

    It is also important to know the spoken language in Insightly to keep the communication in a language understood by a customer or lead.

    Any ideas on this one?

  • I'm ready to research other CRMs due to this and not being able to add events to other users' calendars. 

  • Still no feedback on multi-select dropdown? If it truly is an economically driven decision, I can't see a multi-select dropdown replacing the need for additional custom fields...

  • This would be extremely valuable. As others have politely mentioned, it feels like we're being forced to upgrade our plans JUST to get more custom fields when a workaround could be put in place. We have a lot of projects that will be interacting with organisations and clients so rather than having 10+ tick boxes, having a multi-pick list (which is a standard feature on nearly every other CRM I've used or seen) would save us time, money and hassle. Not to mention making the reports cleaner.

    I'd very much like to stress how valuable it'd be for the community to see a roadmap rather than hearing "Please keep talking about this and we'll revisit it in a year."

  • Update:  Our engineering team is currently working on new Custom Field types which will include this request for a multi-select option on drop downs. We will update this thread when our new Custom Field types are released.  Thank you all for your comments and votes! 

  • I never cared about not having multiple options in user fields because I found tags so easy to use, but now I've discovered that only 9 tags (randomly chosen from my hundreds of tags) gets exported/backed up. That means, effectively, that the guts of everything I know about my clients is not able to be backed up or exported elsewhere. Put another way, the success of my business depends on the success of yours.

    I need to be able to export to CSV my tags, or, lacking that, I need to be able to create custom fields that are not mutually exclusive. I have already gone through and replaced my most crucial tags with checkbox fields, and replaced my mutually-exclusive tags with drop-down menus, but I'm stuck until you allow me to have multiple-option dropdown boxes. For example, "scheduling attributes" could contain "on cancellation list" and "nearby for snowdays" and "prefers school vacation week" and "prefers Wednesdays." Then, when I have a cancellation on a Wednesday I can find who might want that spot.

  • I would like to also add my support for this custom field type, and would be hopeful that it is implemented in the near future as we begin to ramp up usage of Insightly.

  • Hi Teresa, 

    Can you provide an update or timeline for this project? This feature would make a huge difference in my teams system. 


    Thank you, 

    Dustin Devitt

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