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Time tracking

why so many project management apps leave out this basic feature is beyond me. I personally dislike having to integrate a 3rd party application to simply log time for a task. 


This is why i left basecamp. Granted i'm a free customer, but I will be first to sign up for a paid account if this feature becomes available. 



  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by to leave feedback. Can you tell us which time tracking application do you currently like and use?

  • Hi Brenda,


    i'm currently using timecamp because it's easy to make manual entries and will sync with my tasks, but no application compares to an integrated solution :-)

  • I understand. ;) Thanks for letting us know.

  • I use the time tracker in my bookkeeping product, Freshbooks. That makes more sense to me than tracking time in the CRM.  


  • It's not tracking in CRM that's the issue. Its projects. just a basic manual time entry field on tasks would be awesome. 

  • Hi there,

    I am unsure how to place my vote on this great suggestion, which I would love to be part of Insightly.

    I've upvoted the original post comment and have left this comment, hopefully one of these action will count as a vote, if not please let me know how I can do so.

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Jen, The up arrow next to the title of the post will "up vote"..

    Chris, though I agree that time tracking would rock. have you ever considered creating a custom text field for total time for projects? Also, on a few projects I have notes connected to projects that I update with new information. As in one of my project notes is a list of specific time I have on a project. It's just text, but is useful. Of course just having time tracking would still be the best.

  • Thanks Jeff, I had an idea that was it but found it strange that there was only one vote when there were a few comments that agreed with it, maybe they forgot to vote or simply opt out :)

    I actually do currently use the comments to track my time in the following manner:

    Code Work

    • 13/05/2015 > Start @ 13h20 - End @ 14h30

    So for now it does the trick, but it would certainly "rock", like you said, if we would have a time tracker. I am always scared that I will delete the comment, instead of editing it, and lose all my time stamp o.O

  • "found it strange that there was only one vote when there were a few comments" -- I don't think many people would really assume what that icon meant. Maybe I will put in a new feature request to have them change the icon :)

    I like your creative thinking with the date/time. What I don't like about this and my solution is that if you or other employees using the system create a different format, or if you need to export it quickly, it is tough to do. Maybe Insightly will see the usefulness of this sooner then later.

  • YES PLEASE!  I use Harvest.  I would prefer it, however, if Insightly had their own timetracker built in.  I have noted that Asana (CRM that a client uses) links really well into Harvest.

  • I want to be able to put in the allowable and actual hours for Tasks and aggregate this to the activity set (total task allowable hours and actual spent hours for the activity set). I would also like to have those aggregate up to the project too. This way I can see the total hours for an entire projects spent and budgeted. I would also like to be able to, by user, see how many hours were spent on a project.

  • Hi everyone. Thanks for taking the time to express to us how much you would value this feature in Insightly. Good news! Product has told me that we will be implementing time tracking in the future. In the meantime, please help us by taking the short survey below.

    Note: Apologies to those of you that have already answered one of these questions but if you could put both answers in a new comment it will ensure we capture your entire feedback. Thanks!

    1. What application are you using today for time tracking?

    2. What needs would you require a time tracking application to fulfill? 

    1. Freshbooks and sometimes Toggl

    2. Integration with Freshbooks.

    1. We use the Insightly comment box and enter the time in the following manner: 

    Project Management Task

    • 13/05/2015 > Start @ 13h20 - End @ 14h30 | We would write extra note here to indicate what has been done during that time tracked...

    • 13/05/2015 > Start @ 15h00 - End @ 16h30 | We would write extra note here to indicate what has been done during that time tracked...


    1. To be able to track task time directly from within Insightly (no extra subscription needed) with the following functions:
    • Easy toggle function to start, pause and end the timer for a task
    • Have the time and date saved for each time the timer is started/ended (pause would not start a new timer "line")
    • Be able to included notes for the work perform in a certain time frame/line
    • Be able to divide a big task into smaller task within itself, with timer function for each sub task.

    Those are the only points, I can think of now, that would fulfill our needs.

    Thanks :)

  • YES Please. This feature would take all of our people to Insightly users instead of just the sales team......

    1. We are currently using Excel. Separate Excel file for each customer, where we mark how many hours is spent and a topic, what was done. Then each month we sum the hours and mark them "invoiced". Simple as that. But it is very cumbersome to go through all excels and try not to forget to invoice anything.

    2. We would need a simple grid for each project, where we could manually type in the hours AND expenses (what to remember to invoice from the customer). Also easily from mobile. No need for timer. Then from reports we would have a simple listing for uninvoiced hours for all projects, so that we can determine how much to invoice whom. Then easily mark those hours as "invoiced" and they would be greyed out. And of course a nice export functionality for uninvoiced hours.

  • 1. What application are you using today for time tracking? QBO, tried TimeCamp, researching BigTime right now. 

    2. What needs would you require a time tracking application to fulfill? We really need a project management application to go with the time tracking. QBO really lacks this. Project Budgeting, Resources, etc.

    1.  I'm currently using Harvest.  

    2.  Needs to have an in-browser button, needs to assign time to a task, needs to allow export to online accounting software like Xero.

    1. Using Harvest; each project has either a project hourly rate for the timekeeper, or depending on the contract, a rate for each task (so the ability to set different user rates as well as the ability to shift to task based rates).

    2. Agree with Luke above--need in browser button, and either an invoicing ability or simply a tighter integration with Harvest (like Harvest does with basecamp).

  • I think all of these suggestions are great,  but frankly if i could click on a task, then a clock icon, log time and export that data by date range at the project level...  well, that would be awesome :-)

  • 1. What application are you using today for time tracking?

    We currently use Excel, consolidating manually (we are a small company so it's doable, but definitely cumbersome, error-prone and not at all scalable).

    Were considering to use Beebole. We just started using Insightly and thanks to this post, we will wait for Insightly to implement this feature. Definetely a MUST! Please do include EXPENSE tracking too, as it is not conceptually very different from assigning time spent. Those two features would add a lot of value to Insightly and level it with competing CRM /project management web apps.

    2. What needs would you require a time tracking application to fulfill? 

    2.1. Users should be able to assign time spent to tasks, either with a punching button or manually (very important to be able to add manually). A task should be able to have several start-end periods as far as time spent is reported and consolidate (add) all periods.

    2.2. alternatively, a user should be able to assign time spent not to specific tasks but directly to opportunities or projects in a grid (day of the week on the x axis, project/opportunity on the y axis) - for those users that do not use exhaustively tasks to manage their work.

    2.3. One should therefore be able to see time spent aggregating across multiple dimensions: per task, per task category across tasks, per opportunity, per project, per user, per day... (or period) and a combination of those criteria (if unassigned to a task, time can be assigned to task "unassigned task"). An important "view" would be to be able to control daily time allocated per day/project or opportunity for a specific user on a grid.

    2.4. It would be really nice to have an "approval" flow and automatic reminders to fill in time sheets (time - and expenses - could have statuses "unsubmitted" (changes are still allowed) "submitted" (changes not allowed anymore), "approved", "please review" (means user has ability and is invited to change it), "billed / accounted for" (not all time can be billed but can be internally assigned  to a cost center = a project or opportunity).

    2.5. Same applies to expenses (with ability to consolidate amounts). For expenses, adding a scan/picture of the receipt would be Nirvana (allowing for a zip download of all receipts for a certain period by the accounting dept. user).

    The really important feature here would be to be able to consolidate at project / opportunity level all time spent and expenses by all users (and then be able to dig down into more detail). This would be a major improvement to Insightly!

    Thanks for working to make Insightly even better! Please keep us posted on this an new developments as well as tentative release dates :)

  • Take a look at autotask.

    I'm just looking for a start/stop button, and the ability to add time spent.

    Being able to see how much time is spent, especially on recurring tasks would cause me to upgrade.

  • I currently use Toggl.

    While we wait for integrated time tracking in Insightly I have created a Zaiper link between Toggl and Insightly.

    Each time I create a time entry in Toggl it adds a note to the project in Insightly with the amount of time spent.

    You have to make sure that the projects in Insightly have the same names as the ones in Toggle for it to work. but as long as you remember that it is OK.

    I have been trying Timecamp as I like the integration with Insightly. But the problem is it is only one-way. Timecamp just gets the latest list of projects and tasks from Insightly and you can then add time tracking to them in Timecamp. But the time information is not sent back to Insightly.

    Using Toggl with Zapier to Insightly means you get something in Insightly which shows time spent on projects.

    But an internal Insightly solution would be my preferred option.

  • We have been using a similar workaround to Graham's-- created a Zap so that every time we make a time entry in Harvest it creates a note in Insightly. This at least cuts down on having to make duplicate file notes in both systems. We also looked at Timecamp, but it was kind of clunky, particularly when compared to Harvest. 

    I have used CRMs that have deeply integrated with Harvest such that you can start and stop Harvest timers and Bill for items directly from inside the app

    .I also agree with Graham that making timekeeping a core functionality in Insightly would be very helpful, but particularly if coupled with invoicing capabilities. 

  • Harvest

    Recording Hours and providing Summary reports

  • 1.

    Currently using Toggl (and really like it)


    Easy, 1-button time tracking (as Toggl currently has with many other platforms, including Google apps); reports; a way to set expected project and/or task hours and monitor/be alerted if hours are exceeding expected.  

    Would be happy to try an internal time tracker in Insightly if Toggl integration isn't possible.

  • Thank you! We are reading each and every comment.

    1.  We're just using a spreadsheet for time sheets currently but that is painful. 

    2.  Ability in browser or in task to press start/stop on tasks (like Toggl)  but also the ability to manually add time or modify time - not a separate screen to go to.

         Ability to generate reports over specified periods that summarizes time worked by project or task (for time sheets and internal tracking).

         Budget vs actual time shown per task - with alert if running out of time would be great.

  • I have just voted to have this feature as well.  My accounting software doesn't have time tracking, so my next best hope was Insightly.  How soon will this be implemented?

  • 1. What application are you using today for time tracking? Harvest

    2. What needs would you require a time tracking application to fulfill? 

    • Apply time to different tasks within the same project, e.g. site building, admin, meeting, consultation, training, etc. 
    • Add notes to each entry
    • Timed or hand-entered time option
    • Ideally, export/copy "invoice" or time report into Quickbooks Online



  • 1. What application are you using today for time tracking? Timecamp, Toggl

    2. What needs would you require a time tracking application to fulfill? 

    (stolen from above)

    • Apply time to different tasks within the same project, e.g. site building, admin, meeting, consultation, training, etc. 
    • Add notes to each entry
    • Timed or hand-entered time option

    Plus the ability to manage and enter time from a mobile app (such as w/ Toggle) would be icing on the cake, especially for consultants etc on the road a lot.

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