Questions abour CRM

  1. How do I add the type of customer, for example: active, lead, referral, etc?

  2. How do I add contact info under each acct for their admins, etc?

  3. How do I add the type of customer, services they took from me, start dates and pricing plans they took from me?

  4. How do I add project status, pending, lead, sold, etc

  5. Where can I add who referred the client to e and notes that I need for example, how much referral to pay and to whom?



  • each question has several answers depending on the type of business you are and what your intent as an end goal is. Feel free to reach out through our site and we can mentor you if required (

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  • @Keith. Dan is right. It really depends how you would prefer to use your Insightly account. That's what's great about Insightly its flexible and there is no one right to do something. We have a list of great links to help you get started on our Insightly Resources page: You can also attend the live Insightly Overview Webinar]: to walk you through the basics!

    @dan.murphy- Thanks for your help! :)

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