Bulk edit for Leads

First of all thanks again for making the Lead management available to all plans.

Is there a specific reason for not having Bulk edit with Leads (like we have with contacts and organization)?

That's also a pretty cool feature!



  • That is an excellent question!

    I am trying to bulk edit the status field in Leads and find that there is no facility to do this.


    Regards,  Stephen.

  • This is a great suggestion! Leads was thought of as a record to be edited individually; however since Leads is still such a new feature I would suggest bringing this up in our Community - Product Suggestion and Feedback so it can be voted on and hopefully built out in the future.

  • Need to be able to bulk edit Leads to Link them to the Event (eg. marketing/sales event) that created the lead please.

  • We're listening and appreciate all the feedback and the suggestions! 

    Lynn Tsoflias


    Vice President of Customer Success

  • I imported a large amount of leads and now I am trying to bulk edit the SOURCE field since they were already tagged. but during the import a unique source field value is forced. So now a bulk edit would be very useful.

  • Hi everyone -  Don't forget to cast your vote! Votes are one of the first things we look at to help guide our product decisions. Clicking the arrow up will let us know this feature is important to you. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • I agree - in particular being able to bulk edit lead status would be super helpful. 

  • Voting for this one as well. Really need to have this feature.

  • Voting buttons are not working. I need Bulk Edit Leads. When you integrate Insightly with 3rd party applications it is better to integrate with a custom field and not a Tag. So I have 5k leads that are segmented into about 7 different tags. Now I need to create a custom field for this tags and Leads will not allow a Bulk Edit. Export and re-import is a allot of work for a simple bulk edit.

  • Hi Dale,

    Thanks for showing your support for this feature request! Can you tell us what happens when you click the little carrot that points up to cast your vote? It should increase the count by one and if you try to click it again it will zero out the vote. Let us know what happens and we'll investigate and report it to Zendesk, if needed. Thanks!   

  • Just got done spending too much time exporting, deleting, and re-importing 5k leads that I could not do a simple bulk edit on. The great news is that instead of a clean, fresh database now I have an extra 300 leads. First frustrating moment with an otherwise great product....

  • I was wondering If I can add an activity set for Bulks of leads instead of adding the set for one by one !?


    I Hope you can add this feature because it can help alooootttttttttt

  • Hello Catherine - Thank you for your request! 

    While that feature is not currently possible, I totally understand how it could be helpful! 

    Thank you for for requesting this!

  • Really want this feature and the voting buttons dont work!


  • I agree, Bulk Edit for leads would be great.  I just had a sales rep leave and I wanted to reassign his leads to various people. Bulk editing would have made a quick job.

  • We really need this feature too - I've voted on the top posting in this thread but it's only on 10!

  • We would love to see this feature. Similar to many posts, we are sending mail out and wish to update the LEAD STATUS that they have been contacted. Thanks!

  • Strongly support this capability.

  • What is the estimated implementation date for this feature (mass update Leads)?  Looks like the question came up nearly a year ago and I don't see this feature in action yet.  

  • Hi Randi,

    This is on our radar; however we don't have a set time frame when this will be available. We'll make sure to keep you and the Community posted with any updates.

  • Bulk editing of Leads would be an extremely valuable feature.

  • This is a must.  Having a leads section is great but this is where many of the changes take place as your lead progresses to becoming a real prospect/customer.  It seems to me essential that there is a bulk update function.  I am a new user but its looking like not for long

  • It's strange that this is not implemented given that it already exists in the contacts module. Should be easy to apply to the leads module...

    In the mean-time, may I ask if anyone has figured out some workaround for this? Maybe some smart zapier zap or so? Or perhaps there is a way to do this directly with a simple api call (though it seems you need individual lead IDs to update a lead status)

  • Yes, great idea.

    Come on Insightly, you can do it 👍

  • great idea.  Bulk edit for leads is a must.  

  • Hiya, this post is over a year old is there any updates on whether bulk editing will be available?

  • Hello everyone, I'm happy to report that update via import has been released: With Insightly’s improved Import Wizard, you’ll never have to manually update numerous records again. Learn more about it in our help articles. And, if you just want to learn about importing to Insightly, in general, consult our Importing Guide. I hope this helps you!

  • Hi Jessica, 

    Thanks for the update. However this method is still unhandy compared to bulk editing contacts.
    It would be nice to have the same bulk editing options for contacts as for leads. 
    Also it would be great if we could add notes to multiple leads at once. 


  • Bulk editing leads would be extremely useful for us too. Upvoted.

  • If I understand everyone's requests properly, I believe Insightly already supports your use cases as Jessica mentioned above. If it doesn't, then please add your comments below.

    To update a bunch of leads in bulk, you just need to import a list using the recently improved import wizard. Just be sure to select the "Add New Records and Update Existing Records" option, ensure that your columns are appropriately named in the CSV file you are importing, and that your rows have an Insightly Record ID number attached to it.

    The links below should help you learn more about this improvement.

    Unless I hear from anyone that this isn't the solution they're looking for, then I'll make this the official comment on this thread. Thanks!

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