Copy Opportunity Values across to Project Values

Opportunities have monetary values and can be converted into projects, which do not have monetary values. It would be good if the monetary value would transfer or copy into the project as well.



  • Absolutely!  Insightly does not add value throughout our organization because it drops data once the sales process is done! In our company selling is actually the easy part!  

    We need to see the $ in production with a close date because that is when the money comes in in our biz, NOT when the job is sold. 

  • Thanks for the feedback and great points!

    @Cwho- I would suggest voting for this. On the left-hand side of Project Value > please click on the up arrow to vote the request up. The more votes it receives the more likely it is to be noticed by our product development team and reviewed for possible development.

    You both make great points on how this is needed and I voted for it as well. :)

  • Nora, thank for your feedback, I thought I had voted it up.  The up arrow only clicks between 1 and 2.. 

    The general idea  to transfer fields when  opportunities convert to projects exists in at least  3  threads with a total of 15 votes- so pretty much the top requested feature.     Is it possible for you to combine these into one so that the votes aggregate?   


  • @Cwho- Sure! Let me ask Brenda our Community guru what we can do. :)

  • Would love to see this added!

  • Yes, I too would like to see this added. As a Contracts Manager the value does not disappear once the opportunity becomes a project. This is when we start receiving that value (over months).

    I would like to see the value of my projects without having to create a custom field.

  • This is really important for our business too, when we win a project, that's usually a loose guideline for the value that project will complete at. To make insightly a valuable tool to our business, we need to be able to reflect a value in the project space, especially for our reporting on projects to users.

    Additonally, if a value representation or information could be added to allow the system to show the invoiced value of a project, vs the actual value, that would be helpful for us to track the financial aspect of the project.

    Essentially though, to have a 'project' without associated value makes the feature quite useless for us. 

  • Very important to our business as well. We also would like to enter actual billing in the Project so we can compare what we bid, and what we actually billed. That's just a custom field in a Project, but it would help if the Opportunity Value was already there.

  • Also looking for this feature in the CRM. We would like to have a Projects' report that uses those values. I saw in this thread it was requested long time ago, but it seems that nothing changed. Any news?

  • Hi Lyla,

    This is definitely the biggest thing holding our business back from using Insightly, We are a service business and need to have values added to our projects as once the opportunity is approved it is not closed and we can have a number of values associated with it falling at different times. 

    To make the reporting worthwhile, it is more important to have this in projects rather than opportunities. 

    I love everything else about Insightly but this is such a big issue that we need to consider other CRM's. Is there any chance this is something your team would look at fixing in the near future?

  • Wow, 2015. Potential new Insightly customer here and this is one of the first things I searched for after, please remove the music from the help videos. This is extremely important. How could it not be on Insightly's roadmap? Not only that it should have a spot for the final fixed quote as Jeff suggested. AND there should be fields for how much has been invoiced to date so we can see the total remaining cash left in each remaining job.

  • I'm a small but growing business myself. I've been evaluating a few CRM apps and Insightly is probably the one I like the most BUT, the lack of this feature is really disappointing (and I honestly think it doesn't make sense). I'm definitely looking for a new CRM if this is not fixed or at least added to roadmap. Looking forward to Insightly rep response.

  • This just popped back up after Adolfo's comment, I have to be honest after we found that we couldn't progress the projects through with Values, we've stopped using insightly as much. We're currently in the market for another CRM, because this just can't track our deals and projects below a possible pitch we're putting in, once we've won it, the CRM is relegated to just being a Database.

    Sad considering it's a good product, but it just doesn't help our sales team.

  • Is there any way this could be actioned quickly?  Even adding a custom field isn't ideal as you do not have a "value" option, just a numeric option.

    I was just about to sign up after a free trial, but not sure this is the right CRM for us.

  • Sadly, have to agree. As my business grows it's imperative to be able to track the value of projects and the lack of financial reporting options within Insightly reduces its value significantly. After being loyal for two years if they're not going to 'fix' this gap in an otherwise great solution, then I'll need to shop elsewhere.   

  • We also need Values Field to be added to Projects (just as in Opportunities) with the Total Value being displayed on the page. Being able to know the Value of our Projects at a glance is extremely useful for decision making. Not having this feature forces us back to Excel. Requesting the development teams attention to this post. Thanks.

  • Just a comment to the insightly team, we've been frustrated by this to the point where it became difficult for us to progress with the platform, we've recently been looking for alternative platforms and our Operations Team have been meeting with other service providers who offer this as a feature.

    As paying users, it has been disappointing to see something that seems logical, and it appears a lot of people request, ignored.

  • I like this idea, too. As a workaround, we just created a custom field for projects titled "Project Value." 

  • Can we please have an update on this? Can't you just port the estimated value feature from opportunities through into projects?

  • Hi

    When you convert an opportunity to a project - you can map any of the opportunity fields to individual fields on the project record. So you can map the dollar value field on an opportunity to a custom field on the project and it will transfer across automatically, or any other field for that matter. 

    The mapping is available under System Settings as shown below:

  • Thanks for the reply Anthony. So in order for us to do this we have to create a custom field called "Value" in both our projects & opportunities, right? This seems like it won't work well, because it doesn't pull the actual value field over, so we won't be able to see the total value of our ongoing project, right? Plus, we have to do redundant entry.

    We would all love to see how much $ is in the pipeline on open projects, because most of us get paid on NET30 or longer terms, so our open project value is our incoming cash for the quarter.


  • I agree with CJ here. Not sure why this request is marked as "completed" when it seems Anthony's recommendation is essentially a hack instead of implementing the solution request?

    The issue is that when an Opportunity is converted to a Project, the value is lost (unless as Anthony says, you create a custom field in Opportunities and Projects, map it over, then re-enter the value in Opportunities twice). Even with this hack you don't have visibility of total value in your Projects. 

    As CJ said, can't you simply port the estimated value feature from opportunities through into projects?

  • I didn't notice this was marked as "completed", can you please remove that tag from this post? We'd really like a true solution here.

  • Yes, this is not solved.  When I read Anthony's post I thought you could take the existing (not custom) opportunity value and map it to a custom field called project value.   That would be a sort of a grade B-/C+ type solution.  However, creating a custom opportunity value is kludge exactly because you have the same data twice.    

    Crossing my fingers for some concentration on project management features in 2017!  Otherwise insightly is just another CRM.  

  • We've just signed up to Insightly recently and has been going fairly well.
    We just converted our first opportunity to a project and im amazed the Value didnt carry over?

    The patch-solution above is really not feasible..

  • @Anthony Smith. Will you please unmark this thread as "completed"?

  • Same here - I'm amazed to see this complete when it clearly isn't.

    A "hack" isn't completing this request.

    It seems that Insightly is a CRM system focused on sales, with a basic Project Management system.

    If it was a genuine CRM and Project Management System, it would be consistent across the two areas.

    Why does the value of an opportunity disappear the moment it's converted to a project? That just doesn't make sense.

    I want to see the value of my projects in work more so than my "potential" sales.

    Please re-evaluate your "complete" on this, and just make Projects have the same "Value" field as Opportunities.

  • OK, so this is clearly still an issue as I also came across this problem just now. How do we get this back on the developers table? 

  • We are new to Insightly, and this problem is clearly not solved.

  • New to Insightly and have spent some time trying to work out why the Project object does not have a value field - now I know why.  This may pose a problem using this system.

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