Bulk Edit of Contacts, Add Link does not find / not work for link to Events

Need to be able to bulk Edit Contact to LINK CONTACTS to en EVENT please.

ie. we run a promotional event and have 200 customers express there interest in our product so we upload them as contacts (or as Leads and then convert to Contacts).... now need to link them to the event that generated them.

The Bulk edit, Add Link function does not find Events. It needs to please.



  • Hi Mia,

    I do not have an answer to your specific question... but I was wondering what you do with the connected accounts once they are connected to the event. Do you use them as just a list allowed attendees? Do you market to them in some specific way? And how do you use this list? I am always looking for new ways to use the customers in my system in different ways.


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  • Hi Jeff,

    Just in the process of trying to go live..... (the inability to order tasks in activity sets is a big big worry).... but the plans are;

    List of Contacts who attended the event... so we can highlight and manage those contacts a related group

    Ideally reporting (may require APIs to extract data and report in an external system such as XLSX with VB/Reporting tools) on success rates of new contact to Opportunity Creation / Linking and its stages (ie. we progressed to trying to, succeeding in, failing in winning business as a result of the promo event)

    Mailouts (using the Mailchimp integration). easily highlt, select and export the contacts to Mailchip LIST for use in a 'campaign' eg. thanks for attending, thanks for showing interest, now here is what we think you might be intersted in / our product offering and quote, ect.

    Also allows for some idea of logistics planning, catering etc. for similar future events

    Geneal cost vs benefit analysis (cost of event venue / staff / materials / logisitics vs amount of contacts / business generated)

    if you would like to connect please feel to email me as simon@clickclickboom.com.au (in NSW, Australia) as I suspect we (and my Insightly client) may have similar requirements and ideas and perhaps we can leverage off each other.

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  • This is also of interest to me. If we do an event and have 100 contacts from it. I would like a way to bulk link them as it would be a pain to do it manually from either the contact tab or the event tab!

    Has Insightly got a functionality to do this? Are there any improvements in the works to enable this?

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  • Is it possible to get an update for this? I too would like to retroactively assign events to contacts as a bulk edit. I can link only to projects this way, but within each project I have linked events.

    Can Insightly do this yet?

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  • Any status update here?

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