Power up the QuickBooks integration

The QB integration is super, but could be so much more powerful and enable a holistic CRM+Accounting setup with some improvements: 

  • Make it possible to copy contact info from Insightly to QuickBooks to set up new customers in QuickBooks once they are recruited via Insightly.
  • Include "Responsible User" as the "Class" or "Territory" to QuickBooks, so that backoffice knows which sales rep is responsible for a new client.
  • Insightly to check automatically when there seems to be a new potential link between a contact in Insightly and QuickBooks. 
  • Filter and listing option in the Contact view to show which of your contacts have an active link to QuickBooks. This should enable you to be able to bulk edit or mass email this selection of contacts.
  • When viewing a contact card in Insightly, make it clear that there is an active link to QuickBooks by making the QuickBooks logo/tab green instead of grey.


  • These are all really great points Nicholas! 

  • @nicholas - you can use Zapier to auto-build a new QB customer when an Insightly contact is created - which advocates for using Leads and flipping to Contact to trigger QB

    But that doesn't do anything for legacy contacts and understanding their link status to QB. At a minimum, even being able to export the state of a QB link (0/1), and/or the QB CustID with a Contacts export could help.  (i.e. how can I find which contacts are in Insightly that *do not* have an active link in QB?

  • Have any of the above requests been added to the QBO integration features? I implemented Insightly before switching to Quickbooks Online, and have 150 customers I'd like to load into QBO from Insightly. What's the best way to do that?

  • Hi Chris,

    Currently, with the Insightly/Quickbooks integration, you can:

    View information from the accounting program in Insightly
    Copy and link data between the two systems
    Create new QuickBooks Customers from Insightly

    Please feel free to check out our article on Quickbooks integration for instructions on how to create QB customers from Insightly.

  • @ Ed B. re "View information from the accounting program in Insightly", is an erroneous statement... the financial data is wrong & useless if a QBO user is using Sales Receipts, a common practice for QuickBooks Online users, and not supported in Insightly. Terribly disappointing that Insightly continues to cite this integration as a feature when it has remained half-baked since inception. The requests grow yet haven't been addressed. 

    PS Here today because the integration seems to be broke after yesterday's quarterly release.

  • Hello Rich,

    Thanks for your feedback in regards to Ed's comment. We always encourage feedback from our users to help improve the product. With that said you mentioned that the integration might have been affected by yesterday's release. Can you clarify for me the issue you are having so we can help provide a solution? 

    Looking forward to your response. 

  • Hey Alejandro, Thanks for jumping in with the quick response.... basically the QBO account became disconnected from Insightly. I resolved it by re-authorizing, at the time of my note it had not worked, but after several attempts the connection was reestablished. 

  • Hello Rich,

    Always happy to help our user. I'm happy to hear all is resolved now. 

    Thanks again for your contribution. 

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