Broken json from api calling


I am using insightly  api to get data from my google sheet appication. When api calling to get orginisation data from insightly it sends broken json.




  • Hi Amy,

    This could have a number of causes. The best way to troubleshoot an issue like this is to get the Postman extension for Chrome. This browser add on makes it easier to troubleshoot REST API integrations. Then to validate the JSON returned by the service, check out JSONLint. 

    If you are still having issues, you can open a support ticket. Be sure to include the details about which API endpoint you are calling and the response returned by the server. 


    Insightly Engineering Team

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  • Are there instructions for connecting Insightly with Google Sheets? I'd like to use Google Sheets to manage outside vendors that I work with on a project and enable them to provide status updates that pull into the project record. Otherwise, everything has to be manually copied in.



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  • Hi Daniel,

    Unfortunately we do not have any examples on how to do this but we've heard that some customers use Zapier to do certain forms of creates/updates between Insightly and Google Sheets. It's a bit limited in functionality but based on your description of the scenario and what Zapier has to offer you could trigger a new Note creation in Insightly when a row is updated or created in Google Sheets.

    Best Regards,


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  • Hi Patrick - I have Daniel's reply for you:

    Sounds good. I discovered that last night actually.



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