Question about setting up an email campaign

Hi! Here's a question from a fellow Insightly customer who asks:

How do I set up a campaign? I want my prospects to get emails from me periodically.



  • We actually have a great article on this in our Knowledge Base, it's called  Sending email from Insightly

    You can also use the MailChimp integration that is available in this article -  Using Insightly with MailChimp :)



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  • I really like the integration with MailChimp

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  • I'm fairly new to Insightly and I use it through Office 365 Business to manage my company, Got Reps, Inc.  

    Thanks for this great product!  I have a question that I hope someone can help me with.

    Here's a brief scenario of my situation:

    What we do: Got Reps helps companies create sales leads at their trade shows. 

    Who we target: Companies who are exhibiting at technical trade shows.

    Challenge: We target companies from different technical industries. What's the best way to direct email campaigns to people exhibiting at a specific event; i.e. CES 2016?  One of the ways that we prospect is by looking at 'exhibitor lists' prior to the event, and then emailing them about our service. Companies exhibiting at CES 2016 are likely to exhibit at CES 2017 and so on, and are also likely to exhibit at other consumer electronics shows. But not all of our prospects are associated with an event that we know about. I might be networking with someone and find out they are in consumer electronics.

    So I'm thinking the best way to handle this is to 'tag' each contact by both their industry, and/or, the name of the trade show they exhibited at; i.e. Kate Suzuki : [CES 2016]    [Consumer Electronics]

    What I want to achieve is the capability to email people using general email templates about our services, and specific email templates about an upcoming show.

    We target a lot of trade shows, and companies, so I want to have a solid, sustainable approach to keep us organized.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind Regards, Stephen

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  • The MailChimp integration is very good. However I am not sure that it is going to be a lot of help specifically for you. It is meant to be a tool for sending out newsletters. Although that being said making use of the automation may be of some use to such a campaign. You could segment your subscribers in MailChimp by conference and by industry in the same way as you are tagging them in Insightly. 

    That does not mean to say that you do not need to make use of Insightly to manage your campaigns but you can create a richer email experience in MailChimp.

    Instead you should be utilising Insightly to work out who to target, making use of opportunities and pipelines. 

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