Custom Workflows (tasks)

Does Insightly have approval workflows in its project management module?  For example, if a company has 5 major milestones for every project (each department has their own deliverable), the workflow would get kicked off for a new project and move to deliverable #1 for the first department, once that department completes their tasks, the workflow would move on to deliverable #2, etc.  The workflow would not progress unless a department completes all of their tasks.  Email notification during the workflow would be nice as well.




  • Hi Vern:

    Great question! There is not a way to automate the workflow in this way. 

    However, when using Pipelines you can set up the Tasks within the Activity Sets to be automatically assigned to an individual User. When you move to each new Pipeline stage, the Activity Set will be triggered and notify the Users of their assigned Tasks.

    There is a great video  Insightly University 112: Automating Workflows that goes over all of this in greater detail :)


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  • Hello Vern, consider taking a look at our newly released Workflow Automation feature that let's you automate set of actions, predefined by you, that are executed when criteria you specify are met. This feature is available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

    Sign up for this premium webinar to learn more or review our help articles.

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