Problem with posting a task & comment

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We have been facing a problem with Insightly, when we want to create a new task & posting it, sometimes doesn't working, the task was not came out. And I personally had experience when I tried to left a comment on opportunity or task, my comment doesn't came out as, when I posting it I look on the comment already in, however when I want to add another comment all the sudden my comment isn't there anymore.

Please advise what kind of problem that we are having now & how to fix it? Do you any solutions for us?

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  • @Yona- This is a question that will need some research. We'll need additional information so I'll create a ticket for you through our support team. :)

  • This is a serious bug which will lose you clients, starting with me, out of sheer frustration and lost productivity. I've now wasted plenty of time losing content due to this issue, and now losing more writing a bug ticket for you. I'm not happy.

    This bug comes in two parts, and please have your QA folks check to see if there are other permutations (do I speak like a test engineer? It's because I am). There very likely are other areas with this behavior occurs.

    1. Create a task, enter a comment, DO NOT SAVE, and leave that browser tab. When you return after some time (I have not measured the time needed, nor know what the refresh trigger is behind the scenes) your page auto-refreshes, and you lose your comment.

    2. Create a task, enter a comment with a link, hover over the link and select to edit the link. An overlay appears, cancel that overlay, your comment is gone.

    Please make this a priority to fix. I personally won't abide very long with having to copy every unfinished comment into my computer's buffer to safeguard against crappy issues like this. Nor would I think many others.

    Sorry to be rude. I get pissed when I lose my work repeatedly. Thanks for understanding.


  • Hi Brian. I'm sorry this is also happening to you. Thank you for taking the time to outline everything in detail. I know that adds up in lost productivity time. We'll make sure to add your story to the new ticket that Nora will be opening for Yona. When something is learned, we'll reach out to you via email and post here so you don't miss any messages. 

  • @Brian,

    Thank you for the details steps. 

    1. As Nora mention, we don't have a auto save feature for our application. But we do have  "Dirty forms checking" that warns a user when they navigate away from a changed form.

    1. I was not able to reproduce your second issue related to cancel overlay, removes the comments. Please see attached video and let me know if I have missed something.

    Thank you for using Insightly,


  • Hi, thanks alot for the timely response, it definitely helps keep my faith in the product. I tried to reproduce the second issue as well (add/edit links) and couldn't reproduce, so not sure what's going on there. If/when it crops up again I'll try to pay closer attention to any details.

    In thinking of it, since I originally had to navigate away from the current tab to capture the URL, it's possible that it's really the same issue as the first. I believe there's a slight delay before the comment field gets cleared, so perhaps I had a moment to paste the link and open the edit overlay before the text was removed, and I mistakenly thought it was due to editing the link. Just a thought...thanks again.

  • Thank you Brian for confirming.


    Have a good one!


  • Has this issue been addressed? I've had issues since signing up with Insightly regarding losing data after navigating away from a screen. It's frustrating to lose detailed comments and info from an accidental click somewhere else on the page.  If I quickly hit the back button to return, hoping my text will still be there, I see my unsaved text for about 1 second appear while the page loads, then gone. All text gone and irretrievable. 

    PLEASE create a warning box to confirm the user wants to navigate away if comments are not saved! 



  • Hi michele:

    Thank you for the follow up, the warning does come up when navigating away from most record types. I have passed this along to our product team on your behalf for adding Task Comments and will let you know once I have additional information :)


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