Why is completing a task not considered activity?

All sorts of things are displayed in the history tabs and on the recent activity on the home page, but tasks being completed are not included in that. 


Being able to look at a history tab for a contact, opportunity or project and see when tasks where completed would be incredibly helpful.

This must be done by design, so I'm dying to know what the logic is in including all these different sorts of events in history or recent activity, but the action of completing a task is not.



  • I may not be able to tell you the logic of why you cannot view completed Tasks in the Home tab, but we can tell you another place to look :) In order to view Completed Tasks, go to the Reports tab and click on the bottom link. There you can search by Opportunity, Project, User, or Organization.

    The two things we're missing is the ability to tell EXACTLY when they were completed, and to search by Contact. They don't have any dates next to each line item as to when they were completed, but the order is chronological from most recently completed at the top.

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  • Well, that's something I suppose. 

    The usefulness for me though is to be able to view completed tasks in the context of all the other activity occurring within a project. Stuff like this is always indicative of programmers who don't actually use the product.

    Basecamp has a progress tab which beautifully illustrates everything going on. Nothing is left out. It just seems so obviously simple. Unfortunately, they don't have a CRM component or contacts. Insightly still has the best game in town for combining project management with decent contact management and some CRM capabilities. Just like any product though, it's far from perfect.

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  • Hi Steve, 

    I added your feedback to the  Product Feedback & Requests page.


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  • Hello

    Like Steve, but perhaps for slightly different applications, I also find this incredibly frustrating.  Two very important things we need from a CRM is to be able to check that sales staff are actually interacting with our customers (not just creating tasks but completing them) each month.  Also, we need to be able to generate lists (reports) of customers and prospects (Organizations) who have NOT been 'spoken to' in a given period to maintain regular contact.

    I'm pretty sure that adding "Date Completed" to the filter options in the activity reports would fix this for me and I'm amazed that you can't do this sort of thing in Insightly without messing about exporting stuff to Excel.

    Have you made any progress with this?


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