Making phone calls and putting in information quickly

This should be simple, but I can't quite figure it out. 

I am getting someone to make calls for me on a list that has contact name,  phone numbers but no e-mails.

The person making the phone calls decides if the company she is calling is a viable prospect for our services or is not a viable candidate. 

If they are a viable candidate, I need to filter those companies and deliver a package to them. I have defined this as a "task" but it doesn't appear that I can quickly add this. 

I think there should be a very simple check box/drop menu to be able to filter. 

Any suggestions? 



  • @Rosenberg- I'm going to create a Support ticket for you which may be able to provide you additional details that can help. :)

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  • PHONE CALLS should be a separate category within CONTACT/LEAD screen

    with its own specific form (data screen)  - you already have Emails, Notes, Tasks in which to log communication types with CONTACT -- Why not "PHONE CALLS"

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  • It would be great to even have "calls" as a separate category and we could log notes from phone calls and/or meetings. 

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  • Don't forget to show your support for this by clicking the arrow to the left of the original post!

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  • In addition to the issue of logging calls in Insightly, has anyone worked out how to export data to a call sheet, say, in Excel? So in the morning, I can run a report or export data that drops into a spreadsheet and shows me who is due a call, their number etc. That way I can batch process my calls and have a one-page record of who I called that day/week etc.


    If anyone has an alternative method, I'd be interested to hear about it. Thank you!

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