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Custom status options for project status

Project status has default list of statuses. Can I add there my custom preferred status? For example I would like to see there "Reactivated". 



  • Thank you for the shout out @eric.

    Also, I left something out by mistake as it relates to the default project "Status" field that may require custom programming to replicate with a custom "Status" field. 

    When the default project "Status" field is changed from 'Not Started' to 'In Progress', the "Date Started" field is populated with 'today's date' automatically. The "Date Started" field is another default field and CANNOT be edited.

    If this field is necessary for your workflow or reports, then I recommend creating a Workflow Automation Webhook to trigger when your custom "Status" field is updated to i.e. 'Started' and then update a custom "Date Started" field with 'today's date' using Zapier or custom application. You will need to use this API end point to get this to work:!/Projects/UpdateEntity

    Note: Do NOT use Workflow Automation alone to get this automation working

    i.e. custom "Status" field 'Started'--> updates default "Status" field to 'In Progress' --> updates "Date Started" field. This will NOT work. 

    Insightly is great out-of-the-box, and if you need more than what is offered, you can always turn to custom fields, workflow automation, programming, etc. to get what you need done!

    I hope this helps. 

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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