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Custom status options for project status

Project status has default list of statuses. Can I add there my custom preferred status? For example I would like to see there "Reactivated". 



  • Michelle

    Micah shows us how to do this with a Custom Field, which really allows us to solve just about any problem like this now. Also, the 2nd question above by Taavi mentions Custom Fields in Tasks which at the time were not available. They are now! So I have a feeling this problem is solved in a manner of speaking. Give those things a look and let us know if you made any progress.

    Eric Greenspan
    Chief Clever Officer

    Disclaimer: While I'm not a direct employee of Insightly, I am a member of their Hero program and recognized as an experienced power user. I'm also a big fan. I use Insightly for all my clients and my internal business management. I extend it to do more through the API. Again, I'm a big fan. I'm also a Zapier Certified Expert II, PandaDoc Pro and a Piesync Expert.

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