Not planned

Integrate with Google Maps

Display customers in maps, and allow the program to suggest quickest route to all customers.

Also, the ability to add a business through google maps to be quickly imported to insightly organizations.



  • Interesting thought. Would certainly be usful.

    I would like to add that, within Insightly, being able to search/filter organizatinos and contacts based on a radius search would be great. I already put in complete addresses for my organizations / contacts. Being able to filter all to "X" miles/kilometers of a certain location would be very useful.

  • Same here. I would be very interested in this feature!

  • Not a final solution but if you export your data into Google SpreadSheet you're able to measure the distance by a nice formula found at!topic/docs/nNCxXc9ZNXc

    Here's an example for part of a subset of our organisations:

    (done in 3min if you know how; thers's for sure a way to bring the flags on a map - but it's to late now here in Germany)

  • Thank you Holger. Great workaround.

  • Integration with google maps is critical. I use another program to map my leads and if I could find a CRM that did both I would be there.   Thanks

  • tlamb0854,

    I wish more people wrote here with your sentiment and shared it here. Though Holger shared a workaround, it adds extra steps and time to something that should just be in Insightly. Exporting, sorting, reviewing the data, and then matching customers again one by one back in Insightly is a little slow. If this just happened in Insightly, Insightly would be a much more powerful marketing tool.

  • to search for contacts in the perimeter of a set city would be great

  • @Holger - Thanks for sharing your workaround with other customers.

    Everyone -- I've been told that the request for integration with Google Maps will be addressed with our advanced reporting solution. Stay tuned to learn more.

  • Brenda,

    What does "advanced reporting solution" mean? Within the customer area I already have filtering. I would like to narrow my searches using that filtering based on location. It has become the biggest need I have with your CRM. Are you saying that narrow down customers I will need to go into reporting, and not just use a filter? And what is the timeframe for whatever the solution may be?

  • +1 to Jeff's comments above.

    We would really like to see an aggregate of clients represented as map points on Google maps. Please keep this thread updated!


  • Hi John,

    Glad you agree :)

    Each time I get into a marketing situation where I need to contact people in a specific area, I think about how important this is in Insightly. Being able to pull up the customers or organizations that have a certain vertical within a specific location radius would cut hours our of my time each week. Some examples:

    1. Knowing who I need to tag in FB/Twitter/Social posts.
    2. Knowing who to hit up and ask sponsor a location specific email blast.
    3. Hitting up previous customers that may want to take advantage of many special things that we offer.

    "Playing" with Insightly for the first few weeks completely changed how I think about marketing, project management, etc. Now I just need Insightly to full-fill those needs :)

  • Brenda, any updates?

  • Hi Everyone! Unfortunately, we do not have a release date yet for our reports; however these are some great points being made. We'll make sure the community is the first to know of these updates!

  • Thank you Nora. Can you clarify something... Reporting is different then filtering, correct? As in, in 2 different areas in the system?

  • @Jeff- Correct! Custom filters allow you to create shorter, filtered lists of contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects by entering specific matching criteria or relative dates. While our reports are solely focused on Opportunities at this time. Eventually reports will give you the ability to gather necessary data that will not need to be filtered and will be accessible for other areas as well. And yes both are in different area of the system; often times custom filters are suggested as a way to create your own report by filtering then exporting the data.

  • This one would be great! The app in general is fantastic, but it needs to get little bit more visual and then it will be just perfect.

  • I also need integration into a mapping solution.  Will Insightly integrate with google maps?  I recently looked at app.  They said that they will do a full integration with Insightly if there were about 150 users interested and if Insightly would allow them or want them to.  I would pay for that.  Anyone else interested?

  • How many users need to be interested before Insightly will integrate with Google Maps?

  • Pauln,

    That is a good question. 25 "up-votes" and a good bit of comments should show a real need here.

  • There is great interest from my sales team. Please make this happen!

  • Hi Everyone...

    For integration with mapping, the Insightly technical team is hard at work on support for geo-mapping of your contacts, opportunities, leads and many other aspects of your Insightly experience.

    Stay tuned for many more geo-centric features to come, especially for our mobile users.

  • Great, this would be a real asset!

  • Big News! With the latest update of Google Maps for iOS, it now pulls in the custom maps you have created on your desktop into the mobile app under "Your Places". So now when you export your Orgs from Insightly to a spreadsheet and then import them into Google Maps (I do it using "Layers" based on an "Organization Type" custom field), you can view the custom maps with pins for your contacts on an iPhone or iPad. It makes routing and finding places much easier while on the road. The preferred solution as discussed above would be a dynamic updating of an Insightly custom map within Google Maps as Orgs or Contacts are added to Insightly. Being able to add orgs to Insightly from the already existing point-of-interest locations in Google Maps would probably make my head explode, but please do it anyway.
  • @Don- Thanks for the additional information, its extremely helpful.

  • Echoing the REAL need for this feature on this thread. Developing new markets or building existing ones requires that one be able to view organizations and opportunities by geographical location.

  • We keep hearing "stay tuned".... Can we get an update on google maps integration?


  • Hi @Terry,

    No new updates but we haven't forgotten about this. We will definitely update here so you will be the first to know :)

  • Hi Lyla T.


    Pardon me for calling attention to your post, which sounds to me to be "dragging the customer along".  You're not to blame, as It's not different than what I've been reading in this chain for quite some time.  Blind promises to clients with specific needs, to ensure you retain them as clients.  I too have the same need.  What clients deserve is specifics.  What stage of development, if at all, is this added feature?  What's an expected release date?  Because in the end, if you respect us as clients, we have a right to know.  And if this is well down your priority list, as it feels like it is to me, then we certainly should be given such information that allows us to make an educated decision whether to wait, or move to a competing product.  So in summary, it's specifics we need, not an unprofessional, uninformative "smoke and mirrors" post like you made.  Insightly, please post a TRUE update.  TY

  • Hi Everyone

    The Insightly engineering team is actively working on mapping within our apps.  One barrier has always been mapping an address to an actual location (called geo-coding).  Although this seems trivial, in reality, it is a tough problem to solve.

    With Google's latest releases,  they've removed this hurdle.

    The mobile development team is actively working to add mapping and geo-coding to our suite of apps.

    Given that we're a cloud based solution, the thing that helps us determine customer need is feedback like we're seeing in this thread.  And as also mentioned, it's very difficult to give a definitive date due to the fast moving nature of what we do.

    However - Rest assured that we hear you, and we know many people want mapping, and they want it now.  To say "Yes, it'll be there in 2016" I realize doesn't help much because many people want it *today*.  We are designing it, engineering it, an actively coding it, and will release as soon as the priorities allow.

  • Thank you for that response, its nice to get a detailed explanation. I too really would like this feature. This would be both on the mobile and desktop sides correct?


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