Sort Task Lists

It would be useful to be able to click on columns in task lists to sort them. For example to be able to see completed tasks most recent first.



  • Missing check boxes from Tasks list.  

    I used to be able to check a box to complete a task in the task list for an Opportunity.  Now under Activity I can see the task and it has a useless clipboard icon to the left, but I have to click the 3 dots icon to the right of the name to get a dropdown menu with options on it to complete it. 

    Lists of tasks primary function IMO is to be completed, the other options are secondary at best, more likely tertiary.  Please restore the check to complete a task function and remove the clipboard icon that adds nothing to UX.

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  • Save column widths?????  


    Nope. Can't do it!


    Great update...

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