How do you mange following up with clients / groups / leads in the distant future?

I am slowly bringing all my contacts over to Insightly. During this process I am trying to plan out my business / communication needs and ensure I am ready, long term, to be able to manage everything using Insightly.

Though Insightly makes many things rather easy, I am having a hard time putting together a plan on how I can find out people / organizations that I have not contacted in X months.

I was brainstorming a few things, but they all seem like a hack:

  • I see that I can create a filter that would allow me to see contacts or organizations what were created within a certain date range, or updated within a range. But that update does not, 100% of the time, mean my last communication with them. It may simply be when I last updated them. Also, there is filtering by last time a note was added. But that means that I have to add notes when I do not need notes.
  • I was thinking about creating a follow-up task for 6 months from now with the important people. It seems most logical. but that means that if I do talk with a customer/organization before the task is due, I need to remember to see if there is already a followup task and change the date.
  • I was considering tagging customers and orgs with a special tag with the month that I should be following up. It is May now, so I tag a client with 'Follwup-2015-11'. Again, this just seems like a hack, and I'll need to change tags to other random tags when needed. It is not very sophisticated.

How do you mange following up with clients / groups / leads in the distant future, in a somewhat automated, fool-proof way?




  • My team currently uses your second point of adding a follow-up task. It works well for us because if we talk to a customer we want to record it with a note. If you are in the organization/contact record entering a note you would be able to change the task for them at the same time. In any case you will have to make some type of entry in the organization/contact you need to contact or create a filter. The follow-up task method seemed to be the easiest and work the best for us.

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  • This is a good idea. My team is discussing how we can create custom alerts to notify us when a client has NOT been contacted. Something like an email (preferably) would be sent out once a month/quarter/whatever that says something along the lines: 

    Contacts not updated in the past 3 months 
    Contact A
    Contact B, etc. 

    Then we can create a custom response so that every month/quarter/whatever, reach out to those people ans say hey haven't heard from you in a while, blah blah, company update, sales pitch, etc. 




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  • I am not really sure of a way to get an email alert sent by Insightly on a regular basis, but there are a couple of ways you would be able to get this information.

    The first would be to filter by the "Date Updated" field. Although with this option I believe it grabs any kind of update done. So if you just went in to change/update a phone number or email address it would count them as being contacted.

    Another option, and one I think would work for you, is to make a custom field with a date range named "Last Update" or something similar. You would then enter the current date in that field each time you update them. With this information entered you could do a monthly, quarterly, etc export using the "greater than" option and select the date you would like to go back to.

    This, of course, is not as automated as you described but would be a solution. This might be a good topic to start on another thread to see what everyone else thinks.........I am curious what everyone else would come up with myself!

    Hope this helps!

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