Contact Filter Option - "not containing" or "does not contain"

Currently, when you use the contact filter (which, by the way, is super helpful) you have the options of [FIELD] "contains, = , is empty, is not empty" 

One more filter option which would be most helpful would be "does not contain".

Please put in the filter.




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    I am very happy to report that within days we will be supporting this feature in our new and improved custom filters. 

    Maria - product manager

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  • YES YES YES! This. 

    I've found a workaround to it (exporting info to Excel/Spreadsheet, having to remove those customers manually) but really a "does not contain" option would be so much better to have.

    I've been asking for it for years now. PLEASE get on it.

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  • Me too. I need to exclude people from certain mailings but can't generate a list of contacts that 'does not contain' the tag 'Exclude'.

    While you are at it, why not give us all the boolean logic operators - customers are grown ups.  ;-)


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  • Agreed

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  • I would also find this useful.

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  • Hi,

    We have just added the full compliment of all possible filter operators to filters for all object types - contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, and leads - so you can pretty much think up any filter you want and create it now.

    Text fields now have the following operators: Equals, Not equal to, Less than, Greater than, Less or equal, Greater or equal, Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, Is Empty, Is Not Empty.

    Drop down fields now allow you to choose one of the option values along with operators: Equals, Not equal to, Is Empty, Is Not Empty.

    Date fields now allow for: Equals, Not equal to, Less than, Greater than, Less or equal, Greater or equal, Is Empty, Is Not Empty.

    We've also added three new custom field types that you can now create: number fields, checkbox fields (on/off), a hyperlink field, and multi-line text fields - and you can filter by those field types too.

    One of the biggest features we're excited about is what we are calling 'relative dates' in filters. When you're filtering by a date field, instead of picking a specific date to filter by, you can now type in a relative date value like 'this week', 'next week', 'last month', '3 months ago', 'last quarter', 'next 90 days', 'last year' - and Insightly will determine what date range that represents each time you use that filter.

    This means for example you don't have to create a new filter each new week if you want to look at what contacts were created in the last week, you just type in 'last week' as the filter value, and each time you use that filter it will show you what was created in the last week, as shown below. We think that is a super powerful feature for date filtering and we know customers who do a lot of date filtering are going to love it.

    Anthony Smith, CEO.

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  • @Anthony

    The does not contain filter does not work.

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  • The 'does not contain' filter should be working as you expect now Steve.

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