Communications platform incl IP-Telephony / VOIP

Wanted feature:

Linking to communications platforms (Skype, Hangout, VOIP, andy PBX) to Insightly, and:
call directly from the CRM (and record the conversation, no need of mine)
link to lead's/contact's/opportunity's/project's details



  • Official comment

    Hello Everyone,

    This is now available via Insightly Voice!

    Insightly Voice is a built-in telephony system within your CRM. With it, you can make and receive phone calls right from your web browser. Insightly Voice was built with sales teams in mind: calls are automatically logged straight into Insightly.

  • I want the same thing, but I want to use my regular mobile subscription (flat rate for fixed and mobile calls). I use "Remote Phone Call" app in Android phone and on PC to initiate calls from the PC on the mobile device. The app has a function to call the number in the clipboard. Today I copy the number from the Insightly screen and then launch the call (highlight number, ctrl-c, ctrl-d). But the app also supports "callto" URL-handling (Callto/Tel links). If Insightly could support a mode to show all phone numbers as either Callto or Tel links on the web page, I assume the problem would be solved for several call engins. Any call mechanism that can be invoked by a Callto link (e.g. Skype or Remote Phone Call) could be used. This configuration would take Place outside Insightly, every user could set up his/hers on preference. Very limited development and no cumbersome integration.

    Creation of a call record automatically would of course be of interest, but not necessary as the first step.

  • Additional comment:

    I have found a Chrome plug-in that automatically converts phone numbers to either Callto or tel links. However, it works sporadic. It seens as if I need to relead the page once for the plug-in to recognize the numbers and convert to URL-links. Once the numbers are recognized as URL-links, the hand-over to the "Renote Phone Call" works perfectly.

    Would it be possible to get the URL conversion support built into Insightly?

  • Hi Eric, Thanks for your feature request.

    Insightly phone call feature is on our road map - you will be able to call, record the call and get a transcription and have the call be searchable using keywords all from within insightly's web application.

    Ola - with this feature all phone numbers will become call to links to open up the calling feature within insightly.

  • Hi Engineering!

    I have found a Chrome plugin "URL Networks number2url" which converts web phone numbers to Callto / Tel links. Does not always recognize the Insightly phone numbers, sometimes I have to ctrl-R the page and the numbers are recognized. Would be great if the numbers become links automatically though.

  • Insightly programmers/ designers:

    There are a few ways to implement this, please do NOT build a phone center into insightly. Rather, provide URL links/methods to allow autologging of calls, etc. 

    I currently can do screen pops (auto lookup of caller id) and can Click Dial a phone number... 

    you just have to have the right phone system. A lot of phone systems provide the minimum screen pops and click to dial mechanisms.

    I just dont want to have to decide  between my phone system and purchasing "twilio" due to a "closed integration" with insightly. 

    (open to discussion on this)


  • I agree with JEKelly, a "closed integration" would be worse than no new feature at all. I will not use any other telephony service than my mobile operator to call. I can not manage without a mobile subscription and it provides an "all you can eat" flat rate. I would not be interested in a non carrier grade service with an additional price tag.

  • Hi Engineering

    Have you a rough ETA for telephony integration?


  • Gareth, what type of integration are you looking for?

  • @Gareth- We don't have a estimate time; but we promise the Community will be the first to know! :)

  • @Gareth, we are actively researching a number of approaches to phone system integration. The basic problem is that most business phone systems/services do not support modern web APIs, and those that do have not implemented them especially well, so this makes integrating them with external services like CRM tricky. I don't have a specific ETA, but we are working on it. 

  • What's the current status here, Engineering? 

    Some new business phone systems do offer API support. For example: Yealink. Also, would/will this new feature work in a Mac environment?

  • Engineering, 

    I work in the voip arena, and I happen to have a programming background. 

    Additionally, I spoke directly with one of your managers regarding a "loosely coupled" approach which would immediately open many phone systems to integrate... and the time investment to program it would be extremely minimal. 

    provide a URL that will do a search AND log a call... see my comment above. 

    this way you can get the MOST bang for buck... and would work on multiple operating systems including my mac (depending on the phone provider). 

    The last thing we need is for Insightly to implement their own substandard VoIP system, or limit integration with one (or few) providers... asking people to switch their phone systems...  

    am i missing something here? Why is this not an obvious thing?

  • Hi, this is a tricky problem because most phone systems do not have a standard interface to integrate with, so you either need to use middleware (often not very good middleware), or do custom integrations with each system. 

    It's also worth noting that most of our customers are fairly small, and do not have a centralized phone system (though some use hosted services like Ring Central), so there is that to deal with as well. 

    We'd definitely like to offer a voice solution, and are looking into this, so watch this topic for updates. Thanks for your patience.

    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

  • Brian McConnell, 

    Would you like to contact me so that I can eliminate some of these misconceptions?

    john dot kelly at tonari dot com

    middleware is more easily provided by the phone system provider. 

    Many software systems are implementing this approach to which I am referring. 

    I currently use it with Zoho's CRM. 

    the time to implement this would be literally a day to a week of one FTE depending on how well your system is designed and documented. 

    I challenge you to give me a call and put this blog to rest. 

    This is so not tricky. 


    Mr Frustrated.

  • Hello engineering, check out the API of Sonetel:

    Apart from these telephony solutions aren't the large players offer integrations (Skype, Hangout) expecially since we use Google Apps ánd Microsoft Office 365 (both connected to Insightly)?

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Is this the right thread if I am looking for a Ringcentral integration? I prefer Insightly to Zoho crm but they have the ringcentral integration. :(

  • I would also prefer not to use Zoho but am considering migrating due to this important feature FYI

  • Hi,

    This feature is currently on our Road-Map and is targeted for Q1 2016. We will be introducing Direct calling from within Insightly, transcribing calls, and more. 

    Stay tuned and thank you for using Insightly!



  • does this mean that we will have to use insightly's phone / voip system?

  • We are considering a closed integration to start with and i understand you have some concerns about that and i do appreciate your suggestions. 

    Would it be possible to get on a call with you and have a discussion about some of the ideas you are proposing?

  • Sure, do you have access to my phone number?


  • Yes.

  • Good news, please make sure it integrates with many providers. We use Sonetel.

  • Hi Patrick

    I think that an implementation from the Phone Apps should not be a problem as they all support the concept of Call To:

    However for desktop/office based environments I understand that its more complicate So not sure if this makes sense as I'm not a Software Engineer however...

    build a simple SIP softphone into Insightly.


    For users of hosted VOIP services, setup and use should be simple

    For users of a VOIP based on-Premise PBX read below

    Have it recognise the main VOIP systems like Asterisk

    User chooses actual extension on their desk in preferences (if more than one possible drop down menu choice at time of call)

    Call initiated directly with PBX from within Insightly and immediately handed over  to the desktop extension - this method would support analogue telephones too!

    I think that this would require setting up Insightly as an extension - dont know if one extension is enough as, while we use an Asterisk based PBX, I dont know or understand enough about Asterisk.

    Hope this helps Patrick




  • Hi Yaron,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts, I have taken them into consideration along with other suggestions expressed on this thread. I will update you when we are closer to a release date. 



  • Hello-

    I was wondering if there was any update on this?  I know Patrick said it is planned to come out Q1 2016. Is it still on track to come out Q1?  If so, do you have an estimated release date in Q1? 

    Also at this point, you have to have identified the VOIP system that you will be working with.  Can you release the VOIP provider(s) you are integrating with? I am launching a startup in Q1 and it would be helpful as I have to still determine which phone provider I will use.



  • Hi Jordan:

    This is still on our list of considerations for next year but the details and release date have not been solidified. We will be sure to update you here once we have more information. 


  • I wanted to chime in here and get this going again. We are new to the Insightly platform and really like it. However, a VOIP system integration is extremely critical. We are on Ring Central. I have done a lot of research and can't find a solution such that an incoming call can be identified. Ring Central doesn't know the Insightly contacts, so it has no way of identifying. Really need a fix ASAP.

  • Hi, we are actively working on voice functionality for Insightly. This is being done in a way that is independent of your phone system (there are dozens of different systems like Ring Central,and each has its own way of dealing with integrations). 

    If you would like for Ring Central to support Insightly directly, the best thing you can do is contact them and let them know you want this. Our API is easy to use for integrations like this, and if they hear from customers who want CRM integration, they'll be more likely to put one of their engineers on the project. 

    Brian McConnell

    Insightly Engineering Team

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