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Nowadays I'm a bit upset to not be able to track customer licenses and hardware serial number on CRM as I need one Google spreadsheet only for that, what makes my job more difficult and slow.

To solve that I would like to have available Generic Items (in my case are each license and devices I sell), each device has some own properties, like Serial Number, Batch, etc... and as I have customers that buy one and others that by hundreds units Custom Fields are not enough to store this info, I need a list of items to be linked with the customer.

In this case, having a generic item with fields, I can create it and link to Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities and Projects. This would do the job and be a great enhancement for the tool.



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    Hi everyone!

    I'm happy to announce we have implemented Products, Price Books, and Quotes!

    Products and Price Books are great for businesses that offer multiple items or services and sell them at varying price points. Quotes can be used to give your prospective customers an official, itemized summary of your fees.

    We want to thank you all for your patience and support!

  • Plus one for me. There have been a few posts on here where people need to track more than their customers or vendors or leads, all showing our need for this. I truly hope Insightly works to bring this type solution to all of us sooner than later. Great share, Felipe.

  • This would have my vote - it's a key gap for us as we need to track who has which products and services. It would be really helpful to show it in here and be able to report on it easily. Who subscribes to which services, when did they sign up?




  • Plus one for me. Felipe has a very good point.

  • Hello everyone, introducing Product and Services catalog to Insightly is definitely on our roadmap. Please keep voting up this feature, and I will be sure to reach out for usability feedback once we have a prototype ready for your review.

    Maria - product manager

  • Exactly what i'm looking for, follow the items of my clients(for me type of machine, serial number,attach some documents to it...). 

    A very very good point.


  • This would be great for our project management side.

    After a sale (opportunity) is made - we can convert to a project and link the items purchased by the customer.

  • Insightly keeps getting better and better!  This would be an awesome feature that is much need.  Is it possible for the integration to link products and services to Xero records as well as contacts?



  • Is there any tentative release date for this feature?

  • Hi Robert!

    We don't have a set time frame; but will make sure to keep our Community updated once we have a date. :)

  • I also support this critical need. Once I have sold my product to customers, I need to track what they have that I don’t offer (for competitive information), what I offer and they purchased and then as my product line grows, I need to be able to go back and sell those newer products to prior customers. My products have new releases 2-4 times per year, each line operating differently. A lot of info to track but critical for it to be accurate and accessible. I’m forced to use paper documents for each customer until this is resolved. This could be a key differentiator for Insightly - managing cross selling, upsetting, offerings, competitive info, etc. It’s just a check list with ability to add notes and then pull reports from. Not heavy development. Thank you. Loving my Insightly as a new client. 

  • Hi Susan:

    This is still something we would like to do at some point. However, it's not part of a future release. That is not to say it will never happen, we just have other things to focus on at this point.

    Thank you for adding your feedback on this and I'm glad you love your CRM!

  • I hope Insightly jumps on this quick. I started my free trail of vtiger CRM today and for $12/user/mo they have inventory management for products/services.

  • @James, Please share your outcome of the evaluation trail on vTiger CRM.

  • Yes we are just starting the trial but very disappointed to see that their is no inventory management in this CRM.  We are deciding between this and Bitrix which does have Inventory Management 

  • Hi Davina:

    If you have access to developers or are able to code we do have an API available to create integrations between software services. If you're interested our API developers page has everything you'll need to get started.


    Disclaimer: Any unreleased Insightly features referenced here are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Please make your purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

  • We currently manage our product licence renewals outside of Insightly. We did attempt this at some point but it didn't really work in a good way. As well as managing specific products, it would be good to have a way of tracking which contacts should renew soon. Equally it would be good to know which contacts should renew is X number of months so that we can ensure that we are in contact with them before to make sure that they are happy and continue to use our products.

    I realise that we could set up tasks for this but it would be much better to have it set up as part of a renewal process.

  • It would be useful to record a product or services list with a price list and quotations (separate to opportunities). 

    For example, if I quote one price for Product X to one contact and then a different price for the same product to a different contact. It would be useful to then filter/sort by product and who's been quoted what price

    the second request is to then link products/services purchased, that shows the price they've paid/quoted to a contact and/or organisation

  • Hi Baker Coaching,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestion. You may want to add a Custom Field with Text Field and choose to create a Custom Filter when needing the data.

  • no that's not workable. 

    It’s about having a product and price list and linking these to organisations/contacts

  • @Baker Coaching -Thanks for clarifying.

  • I am trialing Insightly as a possible replacement for our in house CRM. The issue I have as above is that our clients purchase packages with us. Each Product or Service has a price. Our CRM need to allow our Salespeople to effective place an order with converted prospects for the P&S sold. 

    Currently I have not been able to establish this function with Insightly unless you can advise otherwise? Without this functionality as nice as Insightly is to use it won't be an option. 

  • Hi James,

    Great to hear you're testing us out! I've asked a member of our Sales team to follow up and explain how they use Insightly with this particular scenario. Someone will be in touch shortly. :)

  • @James Harding - James, out of curiosity, what is your business?

  • Hi what is the status on the Product and Services Catalog? This thread is more than a year old.. 

  • my vote on this.

  • My vote yes on this as well.  We sell a variety of services as packages and software.  To better target sell its important to know what we are trying to sell them as well as what we have sold them.

  • I really need this feature, so I can keep all of my companies information in one place.  It looks like there are enough people who want this feature.  Will a product page be made any time soon?

  • Yes, I would like to see this feature, but as this thread is from 2015.... I doubt Insightly will do anything about it


  • It's more then 2 Years old, anything changed ?


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