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Nowadays I'm a bit upset to not be able to track customer licenses and hardware serial number on CRM as I need one Google spreadsheet only for that, what makes my job more difficult and slow.

To solve that I would like to have available Generic Items (in my case are each license and devices I sell), each device has some own properties, like Serial Number, Batch, etc... and as I have customers that buy one and others that by hundreds units Custom Fields are not enough to store this info, I need a list of items to be linked with the customer.

In this case, having a generic item with fields, I can create it and link to Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities and Projects. This would do the job and be a great enhancement for the tool.


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    Any update?


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    3 years later....

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    Yes, great you have implemented it for Enterprise customers! So we have spent 4 years waiting for something that is out of our price range. Guess we will have to carry on using projects with custom fields etc. Real pity.

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    It's a business decision, David. If we end up opening it up to other plan levels down the road, we'll be sure to inform you.

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    I understand. It doesn't make it any less disappointing.

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    It is very disappointing that this feature is only for enterprise customers. 

    I could get the SalesForce Sales Cloud professional plan with this feature for $75/user/mo. Not only does SalesForce have price books/quotes, but it also has so much more functionality when compared to what you offer in your "enterprise" plan. Like proper workflow automation, forecasting, and lead scoring (just to name a few). That is $25/user/mo less than your "enterprise" plan. 

    I am starting to regret moving from SFDC to Insightly and am actively looking at moving back.

    What a joke.....

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