Enhanced HTML editing for Notes

I often cut and past snippets gleaned form the web into 'Notes' for contacts and organizations. Sometimes what I cut and paste already includes HTML formatting (e.g. a monstrously large font for headlines) that I'd like to revise after pasting it into a note. Sometimes I'd like to include an HTML link in the note. Sometimes I'd like to edit the raw HTML.

However, you've only implemented a limited set of WYSIWYG features from Redactor for the Notes tab. I'd like it if you offered a fuller implementation.



  • Hi Pete,

    I would like all the note/description fields to use the enhanced / WYSIWYG type formatting. Many are just textareas, where other offer formatting, but can be expanded taller / shorter, where others are locked at a certain hight. These inconsistencies are very frustrating and have certainly bugged other people here as well.

    You mentioned pasting into textareas... do you ever have an issue where the line breaks you have in the copied data are ripped out either after pasting or after saving? I am bringing over notes / content from an outside system that has lightly formatted data (line breaks primarily). When I paste them into certain boxes, those line breaks are either stripped out on paste or stripped out after I save. Very strange. Someone has put in a post about it here, but I have never heard anything new about the issue. If you see the same behavior that I do, can you "plus one" the other thread?

    Great share. Thank you for putting the time into mentioning it here.

  • This is big issue for us. Copy and paste does not work, not even the email forwarding to Insighly. Formatting support is just sub-par. This could be a reason for why we would leave Insightly. e.g. saving emails through their Outlook plugin just compacts text into one massive text block, all lign breaks, numbering formats etc are just stripped out. This is not working at all. I have ticket open at the moment and awaiting more feedback.

  • Johan, please make sure you "Upvote" any posts/topics that you feel should be looked in to.

  • Johan - fortunately (for me), it sounds like the Gmail gadget does a better job than the Outlook plugin. Part of the problem may be that Microsoft has a tendency to do unspeakable things to HTML in their Office applications.

    Jeff - yes, odd things occasionally happen when pasting into text areas. This may be because Windows and UNIX-based systems (OS X) handle line feeds and carriage returns differently.

  • Hi Pete.. Interesting that you brought up the different systems. I had the same thought so I tried it on my work and home computers (Ubuntu/Linux), and on my personal laptop (Windows) and had the same experience. I also tried on a tablet (Andoid) which also had the same situations. Lastly, I changed the line returns in my IDE to all the options and had the same issue. I couldn't find a way around it.

  • Jeff - well, so much for my thinking. Weird.

  • This issue _"Copy and paste does not work, not even the email forwarding to Insighly. Formatting support is just sub-par." _is also a lingering concern for us.  Starting to wonder if we picked the wrong CRM.

  • Note: I added formatting to my comment above using   the forum WYSIWYG and THAT got stripped out.

  • mhert,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. The more people that share their concerns, the better. It is certainly a big deal. Insightly has confirmed that it is a bug, and I just hope they find a solution soon.


  • Hi Jeff. I'm afraid this isn't a bug but a missing feature. :( We're hoping to see more votes from the community. Nora and I will also be rooting strongly for this on our end! Thanks!

  • Brenda,

    As per Nipuna in this post, not being able to paste properly into text areas is a bug. Removing formatting.. removing line breaks.. affecting what I paste into my textareas in a negative way which makes it harder to use your software is a bug.

  • I strongly agree with Jeff.

  • Hey Jeff. I thought you were referring to the post itself - for all note fields to handle HTML. I see now that you're talking about the line break formatting issue. Thanks for clearing things up.

  • The wysiwyg editors in Insightly are a problem, unless you are typing in original content. Even then, they still don't make it easy to get the formatting you want.

    As for cutting and pasting, have you ever tried CTRL-SHIFT-V instead of regular paste by mouse or CTRL-V (in Windows - I can't speak for Macs)? CTRL-SHIFT-V does a plain text paste, so you still have to do some formatting, but often times it's far less than fixing what happens after a regular paste of content that includes HTML markup. 


    I'm a developer and use TinyMCE editor all the time (among others) and it's feature rich, open source, and beyond easy to implement. Things in the app like this really show how dated the interface is and how sorely a UI overhaul is needed. There really isn't any other system I've seem that does CRM and Project Management as well as Insightly does. They got functionality right, but the UI is really quite bad.

  • I want to continue to pile on to this thread.  I endorse what Steve Skinner says above:

    wysiwyg editors in Insightly are a problem



    TinyMCE editor ...[is] feature rich, open source, and beyond easy to implement

    Come on insight.ly.  You are charging for your application at basically the same rate as other CRM's that deliver on this basic functionality.  We are close to having to go back through and rethink our CRM selection.

  • Yes, a million times, Yes! I can't just have unformatted notes, it's crazy. Even a checkbox for HTML vs. not would be fine, or Markdown, or really anything you like. There's any number of modular components, prebuilt, you guys could use to allow rich test, cross-platform, with no fuss. Please do so!

  • Any word on feature / functionality update regarding HTML formatting in notes? 

    I often copy & paste text from the web into notes for my projects as a regular part of my workflow. I'm often left with a jumble of text that's difficult to read due to stripped formatting. I've tried to paste as plain text (CTRL-SHIFT-V) and then reformat, spending time going through and re-inserting line breaks before saving, and inevitably the formatting in the saved note is completely stripped, even line breaks are gone.

    Extremely frustrating and time consuming to try to figure out how to get any formatting to stick. Not even being able to use keyboard shortcuts to bold or italicize (CMD+B) is a long ongoing issue. What ends up happening is I try various workarounds, which take time away from actual productivity, only to find the work arounds don't work, so I give up and live with the lack of functionality, grumbling as I go. Then months go by, I inevitably get frustrated again and wonder- what's insightly development up to? Have they mentioned this in forums or fixed it? My search finds many posts of other frustrated users, a few scattered replies from the insightly team saying "thanks for your feedback". 

    What is the status here?

  • Follow up: I navigated over to Insightly's requests page to check on status of my old requests and other users' requests and I noticed that all my requests (HTML functionality in notes/comments, warn users before navigating away from entering comments, etc) - every one of my requests is marked as "SOLVED" even though the issue still exists and others are posting similar questions and requests. Insightly's response is often a canned "thanks for your input" kind of reply. I'm not sure that taking the time to submit a feature request or "voting" on these posts has any impact at all. I'm going to go ahead and submit another request for HTML formatting in notes/comments one more time ....


    UPDATE: i just entered a long note into insightly - I copied and pasted an entire text thread with a prospective client into a note. I inserted two returns to separate each comment into obvious paragraphs with the intention of making the conversation clear and easy to see for quick reference. After saving the note, almost all returns are stripped out (the last two paragraphs are intact for some inexplicable reason) and I am left with viewing a very long string of unformatted text, making it difficult to refer to my communication with this particular prospect.

    How am I to use Insightly as a sales tool? I really am at a loss here.

    Insightly is lately becoming one of the greatest hinderances to my sales process, opposite of it's intention.


  • Hi michele:

    As mentioned in your post here yesterday regarding a warning popping up, I've passed this along to be looked into further since it does appear for other records types.


  • Great, thank you! Hopefully since that feature's been updated to pop up for other record types, it will be easy enough to apply it to comments, as well. For clarity, your response is to this other thread regarding an automatic warning when navigating away from an unsaved comment form. This current thread is about formatting issues.


    Thanks so much for your quick response, Lyla!

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