Phone Number Search

I get text messages and phone calls and a number of times they did not leave their name. I would like to be able to do a search on a phone number to give me the prospect/client information.



  • Hi Bill:

    You can search for phone numbers in Insightly! The only restriction is that your search needs to match what was entered in the record. For example - 111-111-1111 will not come up if you search for (111) 111-1111


    Perhaps there is a need for a little something to make the search more universal :)


  • I actually thought that we had to search for the phone number without hyphens or other punctuation... 

    if I search for a phone number (xxx) 999-8888, it doesn't find it... 

    but if I use the format... e.g. 9098889999... then it works. 

    it should be like this so we can search for phone numbers regardless of the format used. 


  • Thank you Bill and JEKelly!

    I'm definitely missing the same functionality. I save numbers in a format like 999 123 456 so that they are easier to dial or say. However, sometimes the search function works but sometimes it declares "no matches found" even though I use the exact same format. I'll try the 999123456 format for searching next, and I'll let you know if it worked for me.

  • JeKelly's suggested search format seems to work very well, thank you!

  • I'll type in 522-1212 and it'll bring me up a handful of choices, some that start with 522, some that have 1212 in them, and buried in the middle will be the one whose phone number is 522-1212. It's crazy. Why can't this be better? I'm trying to prime my receptionist for the call by entering the phone number she sees on Caller ID in the search bar. I can imagine several people all having the same phone number, but several people with similar phone numbers isn't a reasonable output to that search.

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