Opportunities Rating or Priority field

now that we finally can use Leads, why the key field "Lead Rating" cannot be transferred in a similar filed (Opportunity Priority or Opportunity Rating) when converting a Lead into Opportunity?

I'm currently using a workaround with a custom field but I think that a specific field will work much better in the automation process, in filtering and hopefully in SORTING and HIGHLIGHTING in the next future! 



  • Hi Daniele,

    You and Sean have the same request. :) I'm not able to merge you both but wanted to make you aware so you could show your support by voting and commenting on each other's post. Here is Sean's request. Note: I also wrote that you're using custom filters as a workaround for "lead rating". Thanks!

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  • I agree that this would be good. the other glaring out point for me is that with all these leads acumulating there is no way to archive them.  Even those that you convert into projects still stay on the list and clutter the view under a contract and they don't even change colour from say red to Green.  It would be so much help if they turned green so at a glance you knew which leads had converted to business and which had not!

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