Search for linked Contacts and Organizations in Tasks

The search function is limited to the title of the task. More often than not I'm looking for a task associated with a company or contact name. I request that the search function be broadened to include both contact name and organization and anything else linked to the task.



  • 100% agree. Though I know many people will say that if you are looking for something that is contact/company/opportunity specific, that you should go to those pages first. That is a waste of time, compared to being able to just filter within the task page directly.

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  • Aggree... Each task on the task listing screen shows the Opportunity name (or Project name, etc) to which it relates. Thats good.
    We need the ability to be able to filter tasks and and search for tasks by at the very least Opporunity Title. Opportunity ID, and ideally other Opportunity fields/custom fields would be great - but at the very least the Opporunity TITLE please.
    Given that the Opportunity has a pipeline, stages, and activity sets that create the tasks.... and there may be 100's of Open Opportunities with the same pipeline and same tasks.. this is critical for the end user to find/manage the task on an Opportunity by Opportunity basis.

    And Jeff you are correct... the user needs to be driven by the tasks that needs attending to and then led to the Opportunity.... not to have to troll through hundreds of their open opportunities looking for tasks that need attending to.

    They need to be able to serach by a keyword (eg. "Large Tables") to find all the tasks related to all the Opportunities related to selling "Large Tables" (and "Large tables" has been included in the Opportunity title)

    Even a sort on the TASKS list screen by Opportunity ID / Project ID / Orher Parent ID would be super useful.

    The contact filters and sorting functionality is great. Similar is needed for Tasks... this being in part a workflow / task management system and all.

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