Managing tasks, opportunities, or projects without a custom status

Since it's not possible to create a custom status for projects and tasks, or custom states for opportunities, some customers have asked how to manage those records in other ways.

Here are some methods we've seen our customers use successfully:

Task Categories: Your administrator can create unique and color-coded categories which can be used with the filter options at the top of the Tasks page.

Project and opportunity tags/custom fields and filters: You can use tags and/or custom fields along with custom filters to organize your records.

Project and opportunity pipelines: You might be able to use pipeline stages as an alternative way to organize and filter projects and opportunities. Check out the Insightly U video that explains workflow automation using pipelines

Opportunity State Reasons: For opportunities, State Reasons allow you to add more information about the current state. Your administrator can set these up for you.


James has suggested that we add the ability to edit the default opportunity states in our Product Feedback & Requests section. If you'd like that option, please add your vote for it. We'd like to see you add your own suggestions, too!



  • Super useful seeing what workarounds other Insightly customers are doing to manage their records. Thanks for posting, Tony!

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  • Hi

    I have just start working for company , my email for reminding me for task is going to company email and I cannot change it to my own 

    can we talk do you have a number I have to look after Insightly  I have just started using it, I have come back from using ACT PART OF SAGE, 

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  • Hello Raith,

    Can you provide me with the email address associated with your Insightly Account and the email address you are receiving the Tasks reminders at? 

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