Emails - Showing Links in Overview

I think it would be great if there was a column in the emails section, that shows if (and where) an email is linked to.

As it stands right now, I have to go through and check each email individually to see if it has been linked to a deal or project.  It would be great to be able to filter or sort quickly to know which ones still need to be linked.

Especially handy when you have 50+ emails per day.



  • 100% agree. The current system makes managing emails Very Very hard. Add in that emails received by Insightly can also show up in your sent folder and managing everything connected to the email system takes up too much time during the day. Things easily get missed which can affect your entire business. 1+ for me on anything to help improve the management of emails within Insightly.

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  • You can see most recent emails on the home page - I find it annoying that with the google chrome sidebar I can save an add link to an incoming mail but when I want to sent I can send and save to insightly but can add a link.  In the send folder it gives me the ability to save and add link but does not recognise that the email is already in Insightly and therefore drops a 2nd copy in - This does not happen with incoming mail - which will tell you that you have already saved to insightly!!  Insightly will probably say send emails from insightly but this is not always practical

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  • Hi Elaine:

    It looks like you are trouble shooting with Support in a ticket.

    You're in great hands  :)

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