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Offline use of mobile app

Hello, In my opinion, the MUST HAVE feature for a mobile app is to have off-line functionality. Possibility to add, modify, read records and links even without data or wifi connection. Then the apps automatically syncs as soon as wifi or data connection is available. For intensive travelers this is a must have for a useful app vs a nice gadget and it will give the chance to update the info as soon as they're fresh without waiting to have a connection available.



  • Hi Daniele:

    These are all great points you've made. Thank you for sharing this with the Community :)

  • Following on: There is a need to have the app open quickly, and also to have up-to-date data.

    I appreciate that when the app is first opened, you want to get to the info asap and not be waiting for "all data" to sync first-up, particularly in weak signal locations, however if you haven't opened the app after a desktop session it's not long before you need to start refreshing tasks, then contact, then calendar...

    We know it will take time to refresh all data, but sync all data option would be great. Alternatively, the app could sync all data after a pre-defined interval

  • Hi Daniele and Stefan,

    Thanks for your feedback! Off-line mode is indeed in our road map but it has not been scheduled for development yet. We're currently focusing on playing catch-up with the web app and adding features like Leads and support for new Custom Field types. Push Notifications will also likely be implemented before data sync and off-line mode as it may play a part in the sync strategy.

  • Another strong vote for off-line access for BOTH the mobile app and the web app. 

  • @Michele - Thank you for letting us know!

  • Yes- I vote for an offline version.

    In the current app, I am able to view contacts and tasks offline,  but I can't edit and alter them. Being able to continue working while on the go without wifi/internet would be SOOOO helpful. Keep up the great work!


  • Another vote for off-line editing features on the mobile and the web app.

    I actually thought it already worked like that when I subscribed. As I read it on this page its a MUST HAVE feature.

    Thank you for your help


  • @Roryn and @Michel - Thank you for letting us know!

  • Strongly agree. Insightly is great, but it would become indispensable to me if it were accessible where I actually do my work - in the field, where WIFI or cell signal are often spotty. Not being able to work offline means copying and pasting notes into the app later, just creating more work.

  • I agree completely with the need for complete offline functionality. Without that I may have to drop Insioghtly. I travel frequently and do not want to have to pay ridiculous charges for GoGo other airline wifi. And if I can't use Insightly while flying I may well not use it all. How can this possibly be a low priority???

  • Hi Jim:

    Our product team works on many different features of Insightly to create tools for  for a very diverse group of users.

    As is often the case, there's only so much time in the day, we do use your feedback as a guide to prioritize what needs to be done.  We hope you don't leave Insightly over the request for offline functionality.

  • Offline access is a very basic 'must have' functionality for any quality productivity app on the market. I hope that Insightly will prioritize this as such and offer the feature very soon! I agree with all the comments on various threads over the years that express how important this is to the work flow of our businesses.

    Insightly- can you please give us a more specific answer regarding the status of your progress with development & release? I always have my eye on other project management apps that offer this basic functionality, and although the cost and time to switch to another platform would be a huge challenge, my company will not be able to continue using Insightly if this basic feature is not on the horizon sometime in the near future. Thank you!

  • Hi michele:

    This is not on our current road map but our product team does read the comments and take note of the number of votes a request receives. This is how it is decided what features will be placed into consideration for our road map.

    We so appreciate you taking the time to share what's important to you with our team, make sure to vote and comment on other posts of interest to you too :)

  • Definitely need to be able to work offline and sync later. Both for mobile and desktop. I have an hour and a half commute each way via trains and subways and only have a steady signal for parts of it. I would like to do work with contacts and out reach on the train but can't use insightly for most of it. 


  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your feedback. Insightly is cloud based; so this isn't a step we see us taking in the near future.

  • Google apps are cloud based, and offline capability is available. Evernote is cloud based, and there is offline & syncing features. Many, many other apps are cloud based and they offer an offline version. 

  • I am extremely pleased to find this thread. That Insightly is not even considering an offline version after the enormous success of Evernote and others indicates to me that I need to keep looking at other CRM options. Oh well.

  • Please, please move offline mode up the priority list: a lot of the sales admin work we do (or would like to do) is carried out while travelling/on flights i.e. entering notes from meetings, business card info, reporting etc. If we can't do that, it all needs to be done during valuable online office/on-ground time. It would really increase efficiency if we have that offline mode and increase our use of Insightly. Think Evernote. Do NOW :) 

  • Hi,


    Offline mode is currently in development for both iOS and Android apps. Unfortunately, I can't share any time estimate as we are working on multiple new features concurrently. But offline mode is high on our priority list.




  • Glad it's on the high priority list. We'd heard conflicting things about that. Offline functionality will make insightly much stronger option for people who use it on the go.

  • Bit confusing here as Lyla (FEb. 16) states "This is not on our current road map" while Evgeny notes that it is development. In the end though it doesn't matter much because, as Mr. White notes, off-line functionality was needed at roll-out. His Evernote analogy is particularly apropos. I purchased 2 annual Insightly licenses before I realized that no off-line capability existed. I am currently transitioning to Transpose which is not nearly as capable CRM but it does have offline capability and I have no idea how to utilize CRM when I can't get to my data w/o a network connection.

  • Hi Ronald,


    We make changes to our roadmap periodically to accommodate customer requests. We've been getting a lot of demand for offline mode here and through other channels. That made us bump it's priority and start the development.


    Please keep an eye on our announcements. Hope you'll consider coming back to Insightly once offline mode is ready!




  • Hi Evgeny,


    It's been a couple of months and I'm SO close to pulling the trigger on Insightly. However, ZOHO has offline mode and insightly still doesn't. How soon will this be available? This is pretty much essential to my decision. Thanks for the support!

  • Hi,


    We made some good progress on offline mode but it still not quite ready for prime time. We have a few more mobile features that we are developing simultaneously and offline mode is not getting our full attention at the moment. We are still working on it but unfortunately we don't have any timeline for the public release. Sorry if that's a deal breaker for you.


    Thank you,


  • Thanks for the quick reply, I'd like to try and use Insightly. The reason I came to you is because I heard that you've got excellent customer service and you are responsive to the demands of users / provide timelines for requests.

    I can say this is the experience I've had so far, so the deal isn't broken yet. However, some kind of timeline would really be great considering the overwhelming demand for this feature.

  • So there hasn't been an update since July.  Are we any closer to getting this implemented?  



  • Please add my vote for putting this at the top of the development list of priorities.  Although there are certainly other features that would be nice to have, an offline version is the only one that is a deal breaker for me. I am seriously considering shopping around for alternative CRMs.  Like most of us on this thread, I don't really want to do that because of time and energy it takes to change CRMs.  However, this is enough of an issue that I'm seriously considering it.  If you could give us an estimate for when the offline version should be available, that would be very reassuring.  Personally, for me, an offline version for the desktop edition is more of a priority than having one for the mobile app.

    Also, I have a lot of small business clients and I would like to be able to recommend Insightly, but without offline functionality, I can't really endorse it.  

    Thank you.  

  • Add my vote for this feature as well.

    I often work in a rural areas with sparse cell signal which requires me to work 'offline' on my mobile device. I do not always have access to wifi as well. There are a number of web-based platforms that will sync the 'offline' data and update the server when signal is obtained which is a feature that is necessary for my practice. The absence of an 'offline' mode is very unproductive and therefore frustrating. 

  • Hello,

    I saw some development been done on offline mode and that is all good.

    For me it is important though to be able to update/ add/ comment on records while offline. I travel extensively and often the best time to work on insightly is when on a train or plane (or underground train etc) - almost always places with no or spotty internet.

    It could eventually become a deal breaker for me and my clients to use Insightly to not have this capability.



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