Email to Lead creates Organization/Contacts - it probably shouldn't

When you email a Lead and CC your InSightly email address, InSightly appears to create a Contact and Organization for the Lead.

Our Sales staff are saying it shouldn't really work like this. i.e. that the Lead should be qualified into an Opportunity before a Contact/Organization is created for them. This makes sense to me. Anyone else think the same?



  • Hi Jan:

    Can you share a little more detail about how you are entering your new Lead into Insightly? When adding a Lead the Organization record is not created until the Lead is converted. Once converted, the records will be linked together.

    With regard to BCCing your Insightly email address, email service providers may be masking the information too well. This prevents Insightly from being able to determine where to file the email coming in. You can see more about this here.

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  • Yes, I understand the problem with bcc.  I have entered leads into Insightly and sent emails by clicking on the email and it opens in my Outlook (I move the insightly email address to the cc field), then send an email to the potential client.  I only noticed that there was an organization generated because I was doing some "house cleaning" for one of the reps and saw the entry.  The client was Nova Children Centre and the contact generated was '', but there was no contact generated.  

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  • I am emailing from my gmail (with the insightly chrome extension). Why is it creating an organization when I already have a lead?


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  • Hi Nafessa:

    I see that you have a paid account, I'm going to open a ticket for you so we can take a closer look at this. Be on the lookout for an additional email from Insightly.

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  • I have read through this thread and others and still have a BIG problem.

    When you cc: or bcc: an e-mail into Insightly, I want it to create an "opportunity" and NOT create an "organization". I have to go into Insightlyt and manually create an opportunity, then re-link the e-mail and proposal document to that opportunity and then delete the ghost "organization".

    Has this been fixed or is there a better please.

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  • Hi Doug,

    The ability to have an email create an Opportunity is not available. I show you have added this request under Ideas and Suggestions. We'll make sure to update you here if there are any changes.

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  • I agree, I would really like if emails that are bcc'ed to my leads would not create an organization. Its frustrating to have to go back and delete those organizations. 

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  • I have been asking for this in more than one thread for over a year. I think it is a serious data protection issue and an 'off' switch should be a relatively simple fix that disturbs no other users (like the recent changes to contact fields).


    Here is my post from another thread (last August) explaining the problems it causes:

    Having gone through a process of prospecting and identifying contacts and opportunities and recording the process on Insightly, we get a project - let's say for the National Trust at one of their stately homes.

    During the whole process we copy emails into Insightly so that we have an email trail viewable through the contact record and the project record, which is great.

    At some point we request payment and the customer emails their Head Office purchasing department and copies the email thread to us. We copy the emails into Insightly so that we have the information linked to the project and the contact.

    The customer uses volunteers, mainly retired people, to help with visitor information and interpretation. There is an exchange of emails with one of them who is going to provide some oral histories and may need some training from us. The customer writes to them at their home email address (let's say which is shared by husband and wife (which is more common that you might think).

    The installation is successful and the customer helps us by providing references. They email details of their project to a group mailing list for professional heritage interpreters, and copy us. We copy this reference email into Insightly.

    Now, here is where things go wrong:

    We develop a new add-on that improves our Info-Point product. We decide to mail everyone on our contact list as we are very careful to ensure that they are all people who are interested in our product and happy to hear from us.

    However, Insightly has been creating new contact records from the emails without our knowledge. It creates contact records for anyone who is copied into an email who does not have a record in Insightly. It has thus added the National Trust HQ purchasing department, the volunteer husband and wife (as 'employee at xyz_isp' which is a nonsense) and also adds the group email list for heritage interpreters.

    The consequences of this is that our mailing to our 'contacts' causes the following problems.

    The National trust HQ complains to our customer that we are spamming them with irrelevant marketing information. The customer in turn complains to us.

    The volunteers 'reply' to the email to ask what it is about as they did not understand it and were concerned - one of them has dementia and is easily confused. They could complain to the Office of the Information Commissioner. The ICO has the power to fine us for sending marketing messages to a private address without obtaining positive opt-in.

    The members of the Heritage Interpreters group complain that we are using its group email to distribute commercial messages. The moderator bans us from the group.

    I hope that you can understand how we really NEED this issue fixed ASAP! 


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  • I Totally agree.

    There should be a simple "switch" that says "do/do not create anything when receiving an e-mail".

    Namely, if the incoming e-mail recognizes an organization or a contact from the header info, go ahead and link that e-mail to a known contact/organization.

    But, if the e-mail does NOT recognize a previously created contact or organization, then do NOT automatically create a contact or organization. Leave that e-mail in the e-mail folder for further manual processing and linking.

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