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Strip out email footer graphics when saving from Gadget or manually forwarding emails to Insightly

Need the ability to

a) tell Insighlty to strip out embedded (not attached files) graphics when receiving emails


b) have the Gmail gadget have this option ("Save Email without embedded graphics")


c) have the new Insightly sidebar include a "Save Email without embedded graphics"

Its pretty normal for companies to send out emails with a graphic footer, the customer replies and we want to save that into Insighlty... but without taking up extra storage space. Or for the Insightly users to to send emails from their Gmail that include a standard header to Insighlty.

Having to remember and to manually delete the graphics/footer every time is not ideal.

Once the email is sent to the Insighlty (users inbox) there is no way to strip out the image?



  • Great suggestion Mia! Your detailed feedback, completely makes sense on why it would be helpful to not include those graphics. :)

  • I'm all for this. Currently the files being saved against projects (when I link an email to a project) are just multiples of my email auto-signature graphic

  • Would really like this. The "files" tabs for both Contacts and Projects are being cluttered with hundreds of small (<5KB) files that are nothing more than embedded graphics in the email signatures and there's no easy way to delete all of them. We would like to see option A in mia's suggestion implemented, perhaps even with a setting that allows an admin to set a threshold above which the files aren't stripped out. This would greatly increase the useability of the Files portion of the tool, which we use heavily. Thank you.

  • Very useful feedback to consider. Thank you, all.

  • Definitely something that is needed. I was amazed to look at a contact which had 262 files...and we've only been using insightly for 2 weeks. Given the volume of emails, removing these files manually isn't an option and they get in the way of seeing legitimate files.

  • Mia's option A would be very useful, but in the meantime is there any way to delete multiple files (e.g. JPG images from email footers) and just leave the relevant attachments such as PDFs?

  • Hello @Natalie, there is not a way to delete files in bulk.

    This could be a great feature request. I encourage you to post this as it's item in our Product Feedback page so that other users can comment as well as vote this up!

  • FYI... re FIILES: Although in no way a solution... the new "Extended Reporting" tool (in Beta) does include the ability to create a report of files sorted by decending size with links to the Record they are attached to... so you can at least target the really big files and decide if you want to delete them (one by one) or move them to DropBox/Google Drive and link them).

    Obvioulsy this in no way addresses the orginal request regarding Emails rather than files), nor helps with the thousands of little email files / graphics, nor anything embedded in an email rather than saved as a "file".

    With Files - Personally our approach is to upload everything to Google Drive (hence not on Insighlty servers and not part of our space limits) and then link it to the appropraite Contact / Opp / Project etc.

    And given the current state of play with emails per the above - Users will only ever be forwarding really important emails to Insighlty, and be trained to manually strip out all the uneeded header/footer/embedded graphics and attached files (those files then being uploaded to Google Drive and linked instead). A pain that users no doubt forget to do sometimes.

    So, for us, Gmail will remain the email system for ALL outbound email (as those need header/footer images for company branding, and often involve large file attachements). The Insighlty Emails will only be selected, high importance / legally important correspondance that has been selectively forwarded to Insighlty.

    Thanks to all have voted for this :)

  • I just went through and had to delete over 300 .png files that were the logos in the emails. This will get very out of hand very fast!

  • Hi Shauna:

    If many of your emails will have logos, you also have the option to turn this function off in your User Settings.

  • Thanks Lyla:

    I do want the actual file attachments to be saved, just not the signature logos as file attachments. As stated in the original post it needs to "save without embedded graphics". Hopefully it is something that is being worked on.

  • Ah, thanks for the clarification Shauna and thank you for adding your support for this feature request :)

  • a)

    Still very much needed!

  • any update? need. please.

  • Hi Mia & Raw Travel!

    We don't have any updates at this time; but I'll make sure to keep you both posted once new information is available. :)

  • I also would like to be able to prevent our logos from appearing in Insightly but yet retain other attachments. It would be good to have a size threshold for the files so that only files above a certain size would be uploaded. Alternatively block or allow specific file types.

  • This has now been made worse because we're now prompted with the "Are you sure you want to delete this file?" prompt every time we attempt to delete these small files. (Once in awhile I've seen the ability to tell Insightly not to display this message any more, but I don't get that option all the time.) I've just looked at one project for which there are 1,642 attached files and I'll bet 50%-ish of them are these silly email signature graphics.

    I'm beginning to lose patience with this issue. There have been requests for this feature throughout 2015 and as recently as June 2016 and while there have been lots of empathetic responses from Insightly team members ("great idea!," "understand your frustration") and it's great to know that postings in this forum are being read, there has been no concrete response about plans to deal with it.

    It seems that these posts are all asking for this to be resolved: (this post)

    Perhaps this request should be higher on your to-do list than it is?

    Show us some love Insightly team!

  • Would love to add a +1 for this.  Its becoming very frustrating for me and many of my clients!

    Any update Insightly team?



  • Please create a function that strips email signatures when saving an email to Insightly.  We need the actual attachments to the emails - the drawings and quotes, but not the signature files.

  • We are chewing through a huge amount of our storage limit as your CRM is uploading email signature graphics as files - 7MB every single time we send an email from Insightly. We need attachments uploaded when sending an email and we can't mass delete files - this is becoming an untenable situation. The fact that there is a monetary value placed on storage limits is ridiculous if we are unable to customise file uploads or mass delete files. We are wishing to work smarter and not harder - Insightly is making this difficult for us. The functionality and usability of Insightly is being reduced, not made better by the system changes you call "Customer Love".

  • I can see how trying to automate stripping of email graphics could be problematic - how does one devise an algorithm that 'knows' which graphics are part of an email signature block and which are deliberately attached graphics?  Could the team at Insightly at least come up with a dialog box to allow users to select which files to save in Insightly, much like Outlook does?

  • I think that you are right that it may be hard to automate the process but you could base the selection on size. If you give the user a range of sizes to choose from this may be sufficient.

    Alternatively you could have a blacklist of files that should not be added to Insightly. Again this could be user steered so that each user or organisation could prevent specific files from coming into Insightly.

  • + one vote from me. This is extremely frustrating.

  • + as many votes as I am able to contribute.

  • Hi everyone, thank you for your votes. We are currently working on the next versions of the Insightly Gmail Sidebar and Outlook Add-In. Both would support an option to "Save Attachments to Insightly". This would allow you decide with each individual email whether you'd like to save attachments or not.

    Here is a preview of what the "Save email to Insightly" modal would look like in Gmail or Outlook.

  • Thanks very much for the update Maria.

    The feature you've shared is not what I understood this feature request to mean and is not what I voted for. My problem, and I think it may be the problem for many of those who voted for this feature, is that Insightly is saving many very small files which are nothing more than graphics from email footers. These files are worthless and are cluttering up the records of the contacts in Insightly.

    If I want to find a contract, for example, that I've emailed to a contact I have to go through many pages and hundreds of files in Insightly because it has saved graphics from all of the email footers in any emails sent to or received from that contact. These email footer graphics files are typically 1Kb in size. To my knowledge, there is no way to filter by file size or even to sort by file size, both of which would at least be manual workarounds for this issue. As it now stands the ability to store files associated with contacts is almost unusable, and ironically, becomes more unusable the more we use Insightly.

    If it would help I would be happy to have a 15 minute web meeting with anyone at Insightly to show them the problem in our instance of Insightly.

    Thank you.

  • David I agree and am with you. Also, my email footer graphics do not even show up as files when I go to Home-> files, I only get PDF files and word docs, etc, the .tiff and .jpg which are the bain are not even there. Just make a way for me to filter/search by file name and then bulk delete if I want to. Everything else has the ability to bulk  delete.

  • I appreciate Insightly putting this voting system in place and regularly monitoring it, I really do, but I think along with that comes some obligation to follow the process or at least to candidly communicate with those of us providing input (and paying for the product) as to why a requested feature isn't going to be implemented. And I know it's not as simple as the items with the highest votes get done; that there are resource considerations, sales considerations, road maps to follow, etc. I get all that. Let me share some data from the database.

    1) There are six different postings in the database (links in one of my earlier posts) all asking for essentially this feature. These six posts have 49 votes and 64 comments combined. The number of votes for this feature is higher than that for all but ten other requests.

    2) Of the ten requests that received a higher number of votes, all but one is planned or completed.

    3) At least 90 requests with a lower number of votes have been completed and at least 26 with fewer votes are planned.

    4) Items with as few as one vote have been implemented.

    5) This request goes back almost two years to May 2015.

    So, in light of this data can someone at Insightly honestly tell those of us requesting this feature why it isn't at least planned? No fluff. Why isn't this feature being pursued?

    Thank you.


  • David - I got this reply when asking WHEN this would go into place.


    Jen C., Mar 8, 16:31 PST:

    Hi Brooke,

    Thanks for your reply.

    There's really no way I can guarantee whether the feature request will make it to our product roadmap, or if it did, what the timeline would look like. Insightly is a robust and complicated product and there are a lot of moving parts. 

    We encourage our members to add their votes to the Community because this is reviewed by Insightly leadership, and informs them as to what issues are the most requested. 

    But unfortunately, we can't make any promises.

    I hope you have a great rest of your day!


    Jennifer C.
    Insightly Customer Support

  • Thanks so much for opening a help ticket and for sharing the response you got with the rest of us Brooke. Unfortunately, the reply is essentially the same as I've received from Insightly staff. I just don't understand why the Insightly customer reps won't at least commit to get this much-requested fix evaluated by the engineering and management decision makers. I'd be happy just to hear that it's been looked at and seriously considered.

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