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Strip out email footer graphics when saving from Gadget or manually forwarding emails to Insightly

Need the ability to

a) tell Insighlty to strip out embedded (not attached files) graphics when receiving emails


b) have the Gmail gadget have this option ("Save Email without embedded graphics")


c) have the new Insightly sidebar include a "Save Email without embedded graphics"

Its pretty normal for companies to send out emails with a graphic footer, the customer replies and we want to save that into Insighlty... but without taking up extra storage space. Or for the Insightly users to to send emails from their Gmail that include a standard header to Insighlty.

Having to remember and to manually delete the graphics/footer every time is not ideal.

Once the email is sent to the Insighlty (users inbox) there is no way to strip out the image?



  • This would be a fantastic feature. In particular if it could differentiate between file attachments and the images in signatures that just unnecessarily duplicate and take up file space.

  • It's quite disappointing that this has been an issue for so long (this thread started in July 2015) yet nothing has been done to overcome it. To see a major upgrade to the Outlook integration in August 2017 and not have this addressed seems like they don't even feel it is relevant. Surely this would have been the time to do it. As they added an option to save attachments, surely the option to save all attachments, save no attachments, save attached attachments or save embedded attachments, would have been possible.

    I have a contact that has 108 files stored and only about 20 of those are legitimate. The rest are sig box images. I started deleting them a while back but it just took to long. Now it is very difficult to find the real files among the rubbish. This is only going to get worse as our dealings continue, as 1000's of new junk attachments build up in this contacts files.

    Are each of those files counting as some kind of record in our accounts that will eventually limit how much we can do in Insightly without having to upgrade to a higher plan?

    Is our only option to hire someone to keep our automated CRM system clear of rubbish in our contact records?

  • OK, I have jut done an exercise on deleting the unnecessary footer graphics from a clients Files tab. He had 110 files before I started and after I deleted them all, he had 41 I had deleted 69 images from the files tab and it took me 5 minutes and 35 seconds.


    I did this mainly to work out the cost of employing a virtual assistant to delete these on a weekly basis. I did this because this has been here as an issue since July 2015 and there had been no inclination from Insightly to acknowledge that this is an issue and do anything about it. If I do setup a deletion service via a virtual assistant, is there any interest from others in sharing costs?

    The images are not difficult to delete even though you do have to hit enter to confirm the deletion of each one. It would be easier to be able to select all the ones you want to delete via a check box and bulk delete them.

    I think we need to make sure that everyone that has voted on the various topics combines their votes onto one topic to show the level of interest, not just have the total fractured across a number of forums. Right now this has 28 votes and we need at least 43 to get on the front page of the suggestions by vote total.

  • Hello everyone - the new Insightly Sidebar for Outlook released earlier this month now has an option to not save attachments optionally with each email save. This should help our Outlook users. We hope in the future to include this option into the Sidebar for Gmail.

  • It is a bit disappointing to see that this is the answer to our problem after all this time. This option was pointed out to us by Lyla T. on 26 January 2016. Has anything changed since then?

    It was clearly noted by the many contributors to this thread that this is not a solution because many of us are using Insightly specifically because it saves that attachments, giving us a full record of the relevant information. Even if we had the option to save attached images, embedded images or both, it would be helpful.

    The fact that the development team have not marked this as either planned or completed, would also seem to indicate that they don't see this as a solution to the problem.

    This is one of the things that is keeping me from committing the staff in my company to a paid subscription.

  • For a technology team, these people are idiots and have no clue what we're talking about. It's a joke that they have this bulletin board when they don't acknowledge feedback or even understand the root issue. Maybe if we change the nature of the thread, we can get some attention.

    As an Insightly user, I'm looking for a good alternate product that people have had success with. Looking forward to reading your responses.

  • I agree Nick. I really wanted Insightly to be the CRM I went with because I liked many of it's features. The token responses to this topic, including announcing solutions to problems when nothing has been done, made me go elsewhere.

    The update fiasco where they decided we didn't need a lot of the information we had stored in Insightly and they moved it to a text file where it was rendered unusable, shook my confidence in them as well.

    I just couldn't commit to Insightly with the issues it had and their so called solutions to problems. I ended up with Salesmate.  It isn't the biggest or flasiest CRM but it does what I need and allows me to customise it to my preferences. Although I would have been happy to pay the price for my team to have Insightly, Salesmate ended up being a lot cheaper as well.

  • Indeed stripping the email footer graphics would be very useful. I totally agree. It is very annoying and I get a lot of unnecessary files between the ones I actually do want saved. In my case it actually is a 80/20 (or worse) ratio between not useful and useful files. If this cannot be solved on short term, can you at least add a feature that I van select several attachments and than delete them instead of deleting them one by one? Hopefully this matter can be solved. Thanks.

  • This is such a needed feature. I dont like the "Save Email File Attachments To Insightly" suggestion as it would mean all attachments stripped out. Real attachments (PDFs , XLSX, DOCX, etc) need to be kept. As do large images. It is just the small footer logos that need to be stripped.

  • I would think that Inisghtly could just create an algorithm tied to the attachments feature. In looking at my massive amount of wastful files that have been added to records, it appears that if the system could ignor anything 50kb or smaller....this would greatly help in addressing the issue. Or perhaps create a feature that would let us as users establisht that threshold?

  • + 1 vote for me. Either allow us to choose not to have embedded files added (but allow attachments) or allow bulk delete of files, or both :)

  • I just received an email from insightly suggesting I need to make a post here to try and get this item considered for fixing. really guys? You can see what an issue this is. Although I enjoy alot of things about insightly this is the one item that might drive my company to switch. There are so many complaints about this I don't see why you just don't get it corrected. 


  • I waited for 2 years for them to do something about this and eventually gave up and went somewhere else. I couldn't see the point in signing up with a company so unresponsive to users needs and that tries to fob them off with inappropriate solutions when nothing has changed. Trickery and arrogance.

  • This needs to happen.  Just reiterating everything everyone has already said.

  • I noticed that a lot of other threads suggesting multiple selection of deleting files has been diverted to this thread. This is only part of the problem. It would be great to remove all of those tiny logo files, but this still does not address the main issue of being able to multi-select files to delete or AT THE VERY LEAST not be bounced back to the details page after you delete ONE file.

  • Insightly has been both deaf and blind to this topic for a long time.


  • Do you have an update of when this feature will be available?


  • the issue of deleting muliple files has been a problem for MANY users and for several years.

    Can't you just simply create a page with all the files saved and the possibility to bulk delete them?

    That would solve the problem


  • We just signed up for Insightly and I can already foresee a huge problem with this. Every time I link an email and wish to save the attachments, Insightly will save around 6-10 useless footer graphics. This defeats the purpose of the Outlook sidebar and linked files...

    Please listen to the community and implement a fix for 2018 Q4! I was disappointed to hear in the Q3 webinar that this was not implemented. 

  • I hoped that with so much discussion on this from users, that the new Insightly UI (overall, a big improvement BTW), would have built in some sort of solution to manage unwanted files.  A checkbox to make bulk deletions within files areas, perhaps? 

    At least the Gmail app allows you to save <without> attachments. I'm uploading them to GDrive, and then linking the file back into Files rather than letting Insightly import attachments. There's also a way to shut down saving email attachments in Insightly so that this does not take place by default. This helps, too. But there's always some, like those signature file GIFs, that slip in. 

    File management once it has been added to a contact, organization, project, etc., is currently a real pain. Fixing this would be a big functional improvement.


  • Hello,

    As a temporary workaround for wanting to bulk delete file attachments... If there is a way to easily filter for the file's record IDs and get the IDs into a spreadsheet, then we can bulk delete all the files using Google Sheets and a custom DELETE webhook with Zapier.

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp 

  • I want to add my request/Vote to this shocking file saving issue. In a matter of a few short months one of my clients has over 100 "files" showing in the related files section. Of these less than20 are actual files we want to keep.


    Really is someone listening????

  • I just learned of all these posts after having the same issue as every other commenter here. I have over 7000 attachments in our account, the vast majority of them are e-mail signature footers/graphics. I was shocked to learn there was no multi-file select. Their suggestion was to delete all e-mails, then restore them, meaning, I lose ALL attachments. That's not a solution, obviously. And this overload of junk files does four (negative) things:

    1. Makes finding specific file extremely difficult, as you have to navigate through all the junk files.
    2. Slows down said action from #1, since you have so many files that it has to try and render them all (many people/businesses have more than 500 files listed).
    3. Bumps you into the account storage limit with no way to bring it back down, thus,
    4. Forcing us to pay Insightly hundreds more per year, just because they can't add a checkbox next to files.

    Insightly, this is literally one of the easiest programming things to do.  File list, select all (or filter by name, which would be PERFECT), then delete. Done.

  • Hey Joseph! We are hiring software engineers. Would love to have you join our team! 😉

    That said, we understand that this has been a pain point for a lot of our customers for quite some time so we are looking more closely into this request. If you noticed in our last product release, we included a lot of "customer love" items to improve the UI including saving your last column width, a one-click checkbox on tasks within a record and many others. We realize the huge impact these small changes bring and we thank our Community members for continually giving us feedback, requesting features and voting.

    We hope to deliver on this one in the next product release next quarter. I will keep everyone posted once we get more updates!

  • Dennis: I'm humbled. :-) Given the platform has built-in support for checkbox/select all, in theory it shouldn't be a big task.  I mean, it is all just a database, which can definitely do it.

    Thank you for the reply and I'm happy to hear there is movement on this issue. Those don't happen to be my specific challenges, but I'm glad others are getting satisfaction from improvements. Second to this, my main challenge is the Add Event page defaulting to All Day Event - Yes. That makes little sense; it should default to No, as I'm betting the vast majority of events added aren't all-day.

    Fingers crossed for it to be ready by the quoted time!

  • We use the opportunity tab a lot and often send over emails that have quotes etc attached that we save for engineers and estimators to add to the costing of a job. However we are forever having to delete files (usually Facebook logos, LinkedIn etc) manually. By the looks of this thread there is a lot of need for this to be looked at. The chance to delete more than one file at a time without it sending you back to the first page would be a huge start? Very frustrating and time-consuming across our business. 

  • Insightly team - I am astounded that this request has not made it to the roadmap implementation in now almost 4 yrs. Mia had outstanding feedback with specific actionable action items. 

    The simple binary ON-OFF attachments does not meet the need.

    Many of us (and YOU SHOULD WANT) want to have Insightly as our main productivity portal for business development/sales and maybe even some of marketing. 

    With the clutter up mentioned by Mia, Tom, David and more of nearly EVERYONE having graphic signatures this is the biggest pain point. The 5 files I want to verify for my pipeline process that I sent to a qualified customer become 50+ files I have to wade through, each and every time.

    Why would you want us to strip all emails and point off to G-suite? This is not the right scaling strategy in the era of the sticky, platform play. You've done an OUTSTANDING job of Evernote integration that I find quite useful ... but I and thousands of others (I'd dare to hypothesize) want a solution. Why not an added column on the side of the Files tab that allows you to do SELECT ALL, SELECT SOME, and then apply DELETE action. This is standard in many software platforms and would resolve the main pain point.

    Please prioritize this. This is a big productivity killer that can ultimately lead to defections from Insightly.

    Respectfully imploring you to prioritize and do better here, team Insightly.

    Thank you, Melissa

  • Insightly continues to just not get it.  If we have the ability to save or not save attachments to Insightly, the emails that have attachments to be saved will also continue to save our logos.  Doesn't sound like you can save one without the other.  At the very least, there needs to be an easy way to get the logos out of the saved files.  The idea proposed by Melissa sounds like an easy fix.  

    "Why not an added column on the side of the Files tab that allows you to do SELECT ALL, SELECT SOME, and then apply DELETE action. This is standard in many software platforms and would resolve the main pain point."

    Why is this so hard?  3-4 years into using Insightly and we are still back at what appears to be the biggest complaint you have.  

  • I agree that it would be nice to have a more elegant interface to selectively save what you want to save. And I understand the need, and convenience of keeping attachments associated with email messages in Insightly.

    However, to be honest, keeping those attachments in an email within Insightly will quickly result in a bloated CRM, so I avoid this as much as I can. What I do as a workaround (which works for me though I admit not everyone would find this to be helpful), is to save attachments in an appropriately shared Team Drive, Google Gsuite, in my case. I then reference it as a link in the Insightly Files section of the contact or organization. If I need that particular attachment to be directly associated with the email message, I simply paste the on-line URL of the attachment in GDrive into a comment below the saved message in Insightly. That way:

    • Insightly is not bloated up with massive documents, which you end up paying for twice, in Google's inbox/Gdrive, as well as the CRM.
    • Important documents are not spread out across multiple enterprise data repositories, making them difficult to track where they went, and who has access to them. 
    • Important documents that need to be shared across the CRM are easily referenced by clicking on the link, or looking in Insightly's files section associated with the contact, organization, project, etc, as needed. But they are securely kept in one place... out of the CRM, and into Google or Microsoft's own enterprise data repositories and according to a single access control model. Depending on your business, this is can be extremely important for business continuity and security reasons.

    Of course, when doing so, I make sure Insightly is not saving ANY attachments in User Settings, so that those pesky GIF and JPEG signature images that are truly a plague, uselessly bloating CRM and email inboxes, are stripped out.

    I hope this helps.


  • Having got the stage where our 'records' are now approaching the max limit on the professional plan it is pretty evident why this popular issue is not implemented after all this time, I'm pretty sure they would much rather more than double our subscription from $59 per user per month to $129 per user month to allow unlimited records! 

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