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Strip out email footer graphics when saving from Gadget or manually forwarding emails to Insightly

Need the ability to

a) tell Insighlty to strip out embedded (not attached files) graphics when receiving emails


b) have the Gmail gadget have this option ("Save Email without embedded graphics")


c) have the new Insightly sidebar include a "Save Email without embedded graphics"

Its pretty normal for companies to send out emails with a graphic footer, the customer replies and we want to save that into Insighlty... but without taking up extra storage space. Or for the Insightly users to to send emails from their Gmail that include a standard header to Insighlty.

Having to remember and to manually delete the graphics/footer every time is not ideal.

Once the email is sent to the Insighlty (users inbox) there is no way to strip out the image?



  • Hello Bridget,

    Thanks for the feedback on this feature request!

    You can rest assured this is not our intent in regards to this feature now being implemented at this time. When using Insightly we offer helpful ways to help reduce your File Storage and saving space. 

    One way to reduce your storage use is to link to documents in Google Drive, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox from Insightly records instead of uploading files. Check the articles in our Integrations category for all the latest options. These files do not count against your Insightly storage, because they are not stored on Insightly’s servers.

    If you save emails to Insightly, another way to reduce your file storage is to disable the setting to automatically save email attachments. Many emails contain .gif, .jpg and .png images that take up space.

    To disable the settings that automatically saves attachments, click the profile icon to access the User Settings page, and then uncheck the box next to the Save email file attachments to Insightly.

    Hope that helps! 

  • Alejandro:

    Sorry but your suggestions do not help.  It doesn't make sense to disable email attachments and it doesn't make sense to store things outside of Insightly.  What makes sense is for Insightly to figure out a way to not store graphics embedded in emails.  I am not a techie but I don't understand why this is so difficult.


    In the interim, Insightly could allow for bulk deletions in email records.  Please do something.

  • You can bulk delete file attachments and emails via the API and Zapier.

    1. Perform a data export AND export the Insightly objects (i.e. attachments or emails) you want to bulk delete using

    Note: If you want to backup your file attachments before bulk deleting data, you will need to backup the files via the API and not the export links I provided above.

    2. Identify what emails/files you want to delete from your export in Google Sheets

    3. Create a three step zap with Zapier: Google Sheets, Filter, and DELETE Webhook for the object type you want to delete

    4. Add a trigger in a google sheets column and the filter to run every time column "X" is updated with a "1" value 

    5. Test & configure the zap to delete attachments/emails

    6.  When the test results are satisfactory BULK DELETE :)

    Let me know if you need any help. 

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

  • Thanks Alejandro.   I actually prefer NOT having attachments saved inside the CRM, so your advice is very helpful. These attachments are already there in the Gmail repository, and if it is of value, you can easily save the file to GDrive from there, When I do this, and want the associated attachment to be referenced next to the email, I add the URL from GDrive into a comment associated with the email. 

    There are two big advantages towards avoiding bloating the CRM up with attachments.

    - First there is the added storage cost of keeping multiple copies in different repositories.

    - Second, depending on the nature and sensitivity of the attachment, there can be security issues placing critical information in the hands of a third party vendor.  I like to keep really important attachments in one place where authentication can be carefully controlled using shared attributes in a GDrive folder. This is particularly important in a CRM where unless you are careful, the default is to share data with everyone else who can log into your CRM. Having a URL that links to a GDrive folder means that if the user viewing the message is not given specific rights, they  will not access it.

    I have used your workaround for several years now. Although it is a bit inconvenient to attach that URL, from a security perspective it is much better, and keeps storage costs down. I do the same with Insightly's Files areas.  It is better to attach a placeholder for a file folder in GDrive which makes it possible to open the associated folders for an organization. contact, project, etc., than to attach multiple files inside Insightly, which take up massive amounts of storage, and, because of the rather clunky UI, is pretty hard to find when you have a lot of them. 


  • I'm struggling with the DELETE in Insightly.

    I have the contact+attachment data in Google Sheets.

    But Zapier doesn't seem to offer DELETE anything from Insightly as an option.

    What am I missing?

  • Hi Feargal,

    You need to use Webhooks to delete the file attachment NOT Zapier's "out-of-the-box" Insightly connection

    Here is the API endpoint you need to use to delete the file attachments:!/FileAttachments/DeleteFileAttachment

    Let me know if you need more help. 

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp


    As with others, I DO want email ATTACHMENTS saved.. I do NOT want every single icon/logo file attached.  If it's too complicated to strip email sig icons, etc.

    ADD A BULK-DELETE OPTION FOR FILES IN ALL RECORD TYPES (or.. at least where an email will wreak havoc).

    Thank you!

  • Still not helpful. I agree with the comments above. 

    How hard would it be to limit file size? Not saving any image file under, say 100kb would get rid of most of the problem. 

    Or make saving image files rather than document files optional?


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