How to search on custom fields?

Hello Communtiy,

I use a "serial number" custom field for projects that we use to record the serial numbers of machines we sell.

When the customers call back asking for spares, we would like to just search for the serial number but this does not at the moment generate any hits.

Does anybody know why this doesn't work?

Many thanks!



  • The search bar at the top of the Project page will not search for the custom field. Instead we recommend you create a filter. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to the Projects tab

    2. On the top right click the Filter drop down tab

    3. At the bottom of the drop down click ---Create New Filter---

    4. On the left click Filter By 

    5. At the bottom you will select the name of your custom field i.e. Serial Number

    6. Select Equal to

    7. On the blank field to the right input the serial number

    8.Click Add & you're all set!



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  • This was the explanation I found in the System Settings: Custom Fields tab when I went to create a custom field to recreate your situation: 


    "What are Custom Fields?

    Custom fields are extra data fields you can add to all contact, organization, opportunity, lead and project records to capture additional information when creating and saving those records. You can add up to 10 additional fields per record in either text format, date format, or chosen from a list of options you specify. You can filter the list of contacts, organizations, opportunities, leads or projects based upon custom field criteria. Data can also be imported into custom fields using the CSV data import feature, and all CSV exported data records include any custom field data too."

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  • Thank you! That was exactly what I needed.

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  • Wouldn't it be much easier/quicker, and less confusing to the occasional user, if the 'search all data' actually did search all the data, including values in custom fields?

    Creating a filter is too time consuming (you'd never use Google if they made you create a filter before searching), definitely shouldn't be necessary for ad-hoc queries, and non-obvious to anyone. 

    Consider this a feature request, if anyone's reading.

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  • This must be done for every value we enter into a custom field? If so, we simply don't have the time to add 7,000 searchable options in this way.

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