What do you do with Contacts that change jobs?

Any suggestions on what to do with contacts that have changed jobs?  Eg. Judy leaves company A, and we don't know where she's gone.   Do we keep her linked to A but add a note to say "ex-employee"?   Delete her?   

Any suggestions are appreciated.





  • I wouldn't recommend deleting the Contact, since you may have Notes, Emails and Tasks that can still be useful once you verify their new Organization. I think your suggestion of keeping the organization link is great and under the Role/Title include 'Previous Employee' or 'Ex-Employee'

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  • We always keep the link as it shows us more about the individual but like Nora we prefix the role with "Former". It is a shame that you cannot put a date range for positions so that you know when they finished. That way you not need to update the title.

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  • We keep the Contact and prefix the Occupation with *Former* but cut the email address(es) and paste into the Background field with a note like Left xxxxx Jul 15, email address was: xxxx@xxxxxx

    In the case of a deceased contact, we added the suffix (deceased) after his last name and in the Dates to Remember fields a note that he passed away on such and such a date.  Finally we cut his email address from the record and pasted this in the Background field with a note that his email was xxxx@xxxx

    In our industry contacts occasionally move from one organisation to another and I was thinking of keeping the old Contact with their history within one organisation and then adding as a new Contact in their new position and linking the two with a Relationship of Former Employer/Current Employer.  Up till now I have just linked them to their previous Organisation with a Role of 'Formerly xxxx' and Details of  xxxxx (site)'

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