Mandatory Fields?

How to remove Mandatory options from fields.


In my address book, I do not have any First name in some cases, So I could not save the record

Please advice



  • Unfortunately, there isn't a way to avoid or turn off the mandatory field of 'First Name' for Contacts. I apologize this is causing you some inconvenience. You can choose to enter only a first initial in that field and perhaps submit this as a suggestion in our Product Feedback and Request section since I'm sure other users may have the same concern.

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  • Yes, we did come across this problem as well. We adress most of our customers (especially in Germany) with their last name in our calls and emails. For now we use a "-" or a "?" in the first name field, but it would be better not to have to fill in the field. This may cause extra work or even import problems for the import to external software.

    BTW, Thanks for the good software and the support :)

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